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6th April 2023

Plus 8 and damp at Thorndale.

Thursday is our easy day. 

Mary Dulverton was at Thorndale second lot to see their horses

Plenty worked yesterday and the good news is that I was able to watch them. Yes Mat and Peter walked up to take videos.

A few jumped, but before Maya was in to take any photos..

Not sure I expected to be driven in an ambulance yesterday to Cheltenham for my CT guided biopsy. I hope that is the last time!

It is now a waiting game to see what the culture grows.. the good news is that the excellence team here are very confident in their antibiotic choice.

I have to say this is all a very new experience for me, but you soon realise how brilliant the NHS staff are. They are so caring and very long suffering.. they are also incredibly chatty and smiley.

On that smiley note we have two runners this afternoon at Wetherby this afternoon. Hurlerontheditch and Voyburg head there and for my thoughts please click here..

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