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9th October 2019

Plus 9 and dry when driving in.

Wednesdays and Saturdays are our work mornings.

By that I mean that the horses who are preparing for their races work upsides up our gallop and quicken the whole way up to the top passing Mat and I with half a furlong to go. We assess how they are going and how fit there are.

You have seen that on our Wednesday videos. They will be no video today.. Sorry about that, but Peter Kerr, who is the video King, is still carless.. It (the car) should be back later today.

Anyway David Bass was in this morning to ride work on two horses and then he jumped Charbel along with Station Master, Dandy Dan, Adjourned, Lots of Luck and Does He Know.

Third lot we were joined by Mark and Melinda Laws who are currently on a walking holiday.. ie walking the Cotswold Way..

They were here to see their horse Shanacoole Prince and their KBRP horse Does He Know.. they then watched Does He Know and Adjourned jump.

Graham Potts our vet was in this morning..

I think Ludlow are preparing us for when the clocks change in a couple of weeks by offering early racing.

We run two horses there today. Yeavering Belle and Cinderbella and for my thoughts please click here.

Paul and Clare Rooney’s horse Catch Me Not arrived back in the yard last night. CMN has been in pre training with Jason Maguire at his Ivy Lodge Farm.

No shortage of money at the premier Book 1 Newmarket yearling sales.. Not something that worries me but it still staggers how much the top yearlings make… One day they might be jumping a hurdle if they are lucky!!.. I purposely left out un.

I am sorry but the Extinction Rebellion or climate campaigners are not doing themselves any favours.. Rabble frankly.. Some of the stunts they have played are a disgrace...

On that happy note Michael Kay sent this video clip over which is slightly more amusing..