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11th October 2016

Plus 3 and dry when driving in. We have become used to pitch dark mornings now when getting up.

Not a good start to the morning. The papers had not arrived at our local garage at 5.30..

Tom Bellamy was in this morning to ride out a couple of lots. Amateur jockey Ed Bailey was here as well

Graham Potts is away so this morning Chris Rea called in for the Tuesday vet visit. Graham back here on Friday.

This weeks movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts are..It was all downwards this week.. Ascotdeux Nellerie down 2 to 123, Boy In A Bentley down 5 to 115 and Monkhouse down 5 to 108.

Having watched the news last night and seeing the highlights of the Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton I am still reeling over the fact that Democracy in the US has stooped so low.

How could the most powerful country in the world have two such idiots fighting for the position to be the most powerful person in the world. Scary indeed.. Vladimir Putin must be laughing his woolly socks off.

Please click here and watch this.. last nights debate.. a shortened version and not to be missed..

Living in this county we support country pursuits and those who live locally or are even in the area on October 30 then call in at Thorndale/Foxcote to watch and the enjoy some particularly mad people galloping flat out across the countryside.

The Cotswold Team Chase, sponsored by Alexandra Bubb is the big event that day.

400 horses. 100 teams gallop 2 miles and a half over some pretty daunting fences. There are side shows for the family and rumour has it that the mighty Denman and other ex racehorses will be taking part. Irish Olympic Event Ride Jonty Evans will also be heading a team of Olympic riders. Put the date in your diary.. 

We have one runner today at Huntingdon. King Simba and David Bass team up in the first. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Three sisters age 92, 94 and 96 live in a house together.

One night the 96 year old runs a bath, puts her foot in and pauses.

She yells down the stairs, "Was I getting in or out of the bath?"

The 94 year old yells back, "I don't know, I'll come up and see."

She starts up the stairs and pauses, then she yells, "Was I going up the stairs or coming down?"

The 92 year old was sitting at the kitchen table having tea listening to her sisters. She shakes her head and says, "I hope I never get that forgetful."

She knocks on wood for good measure. She then yells, "I'll come up and help both of you as soon as I see who's at the door."