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12th March 2018

Plus 7 and drizzling when driving in. We had more rain over night, 6 mm.

Nicky Henderson walked Cheltenham yesterday and was surprised how much better than expected he thought the ground was.. I too was surprised when I walked it, but since I was then they have had over 20mm of rain land on it. It must be very soft this morning. But it will certainly not be like Haydock or Ffos Las..

Soft everywhere even the point to point we attended yesterday near Charlton Horethorne on the other side of Wincanton. Archie’s finished down the field.. I tried a new route to Wincanton but all I can say there is no easy one, especially when driving a horsebox.

Prince Llywelyn and Pond Road had an away day this morning..

John and Mandy Battershall were here second lot to see their KBRP horses Involve and Younevercall, while Carol Bailey was here to see her KBRP horses Blazon, Our Belle Amie and her Racing For Maggies horses Biscuit and Another Venture.. Biscuit's full brother Sam Gunner won the EBF final on Saturday

Steve and Chris Adams were here third to lot to see their KBRP horses Silver Kayf, Desaray and Pond Road while Steve Winter was here to see Silver Kayf too, along with Paul Monger.

I forgot Andy and Sandy Page were here to see their KBRP horses Blazon and Kayf Storm and their Racing For Maggies horses Another Venture and Biscuit. ..sorry.

Tim Last is coming at evening stables to see his Racing For Maggies horse Another Venture and Biscuit.

Difficult decisions have to be made over the next few days.. to run or not to run.. which race if you do.. ground changes all thoughts as Cheltenham is not normally this soft.. We have not even been able to mow the grass up the drive.. too wet and not grown.. A first.. Mat most upset..

Difficult decisions.. Stratford as they have announced a further inspection at 10.30 to see if they can race.. water rising?. We run Lake Field there later and for my thoughts please click here.

A few truisms for the week,..

If I had a pound for every girl that found me unattractive, they'd eventually find me attractive.

I find it ironic that the colors red, white, and blue stand for freedom, until they're flashing behind you.

Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool, so I gave him a glass of water.

I changed my password to "incorrect" so whenever I forget it the computer will say, "Your password is incorrect."

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

I'm great at multi-tasking--I can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate all at once.

If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame.

The gallop camera is back in action..