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16th May 2022

Plus 14 and raining when leaving home early this morning for Goffs.

Yes I am spending the next 4 days attending the Doncaster Goffs sales..

The first two days are all youngsters i.e. 3 year old. Wednesday is all about Irish pointers and some English horses and Thursday is English and a few Irish form horses..

We have three horses heading to Thursdays sale.. all are sound and ready to do another job whether it be pointing or racing.

Glancing Glory who has really not been right all season and she is far better than her form suggests.. Subway Surf who has won two bumpers and been placed more times than you can imagine and finally Hamilton Dici.. ..If you are going and looking for a pointer then you will be amiss to miss them..

Mat was happy after his Football team won through to another game on Tuesday and the FA Cup was a nail biter, but not sure Keith Ellis was a happy chappy after..

All in all it is a sport and a good one, but why did fans have to boo Prince William.. what has he done wrong?

Popular vote for Ukraine to win the Eurovision but we did well to finish second.. It was a good watch.

Sad to see that Australian cricket lost another good ex player in Andrew Symonds..

Does flat racing have a new superstar? Judging by Saturday win in the Lockinge, Baaeed looks to be very special indeed and remains unbeaten..

It will be a limited blog for the next few days..

A corny joke to finish the day.

Why did the owner name his racehorse ‘Bad News’?

Because bad news travels fast.

Happy birthday to my old friend Nigel Twiston-Davies.