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20th February 2023

Plus 8 and dry when driving in..

Sadly First Flow falling was not what we expected. In all his races he has amazed us with his jumping as he has never been a natural, but somehow he and David have found a technique that works for them but.. on Saturday at Ascot that technique came unstuck. Poor old FF then galloped round with the other runners, not wanting to be left out; but even without David on his back FF did not arch his. 

FF was understandably sore yesterday and we will have to monitor to see how quickly he recovers.
Talking sore, my physio Lucinda was not happy with me when I saw her on Saturday.. 'you have been doing too much!!..'
Being, as they say, partially incapacitated meant that I was able to watch the excellent Luck On Sunday .. Tom Scudamore and David Pipe made for good viewing
Yesterday was Patricia Ruck Keene’s 101th birthday. What a remarkable lady and I just hope she enjoyed her birthday party and survived my sisters cake making skills!
Making 101 is a feat in itself, but to be able to able to email, text and chat like somebody 30 years her junior really is very special. Patricia is very special.. 
Special.. that is our cricket team.. Stokes and his team mates have made watching cricket such fun ( I don’t subscribe to BT Sport). Another fine win against New Zealand yesterday.
Newbury yesterday suffered from fast ground and their card sadly started with a ‘walk over.’

I have never been lucky enough to have had a walk over in my training career.. but some years ago I did have one at Plumpton.. horse arrived and half through the card racing was abandoned because of snow!! Then Walk overs were the last race..
Monday morning and another summers day ahead? My stitches come out and I shall be flying!!

John Perriss, without runners due to ground, informed me that he had mown his February??!. BBQ next?
'It's not quite what I had in mind'
'What the bloody hell is this?'