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19th July 2023

Plus 15 and dry when driving in.

They will be hoping the weather forecast is incorrect when it comes to Old Trafford over the next few days. At the moment it looks like they will be lucky if they manage 3 full days cricket. This hugely anticipated 4th Ashes Test needs to be won by England to drive the hype and excitement to the final Test at The Oval.

London was heaving yesterday. But a great day with my two boys.. the last time for 9 months.

My day was going well until Mat rang to say that he was not happy with Faerie Cutlass. She was trotted up just before she was due to be loaded onto the horsebox (all my runners are) and he felt she was just not quite right.. Graham Potts, our vet was here at the time and he agreed.. If in doubt don’t..She was a non runner .. Hugely frustrating as she was fine when we watched her canter first thing yesterday morning..

Wednesday morning brings in David Bass and Ciaran Gethings to ride out.

We jumped Gerard Mentor and Lady Gwen over hurdles.

I had loads of replies to yesterdays little riddle... This one from Robert Jacques made me laugh,..

22 is Desmond Tutu, so Desmond. God knows who 11 is but let's say Wun Wun, a famous Chinese mythical horse.


Desmond won one race, Wun Wun won one, too.

But the right answer is.. 11 was a racehorse, 22 was one too, 22 won 1 race and 11 won 1 too!.. Well done Cilla.

Retiring racehorses is a difficult subject for many, but Mrs B works hard on finding new homes for our retired racehorses.

This email from John Full was hugely appreciated..

As you are aware, some of the Blazing Optimists spent the day in Suffolk on Monday 17th July, to see our beloved horse Blazon in his new life after racing.

We must say that we have all seen first hand today the importance of finding the right home for a racehorse after it's racing career ends and the work that Samantha has done with Blazon is outstanding. He seems very happy in his new life and the care and attention that Samantha has put into him is second to none and we would like to express our gratitude to Clare and yourself for finding such a wonderful home for him since his retirement.

 Samantha was explaining to us that she is preparing Blazon for a new career as a show horse, with the aim to hopefully show him at a future London Horse of The Year show at Olympia, providing he can qualify for entry of course. If he progresses as planned, Samantha has invited us all to come to Olympia and see him perform, which will be a great thrill for us all.

It is so gratifying that the new owner is so grateful to have Blazon under her care and her enthusiasm to keep us all involved in his life after racing is testament to the Thorndale team's dedication to the horses in training, during their racing careers and eventually when the time comes to rehome them after racing.

All of the Blazing Optimists thank you for your endeavours to ensure a happy ongoing life for horses for the rest of their life.