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21st June 2021

Plus 10 and dry when driving in.

Winter on the way..

Travelling in this country over the weekends now seems to be a struggle!

I went south to Taunton to watch Archie play cricket on Saturday.. 3 and half hours later I arrived.. missed him in action and came home in well under half the time!

Yesterday was fathers day.. a modern concept to help children remember their fathers.. all three of mine did which was good.. well, my facetime call to Harry in Sydney.. he needed a bit of prompting.

Worcester yesterday, not as a trainer but as a father.. Archie spent the day their doing work experience with Nigel Kirby.. What a gent..

Inclement weather for the later half of the week but those who had winners at Ascot did not complain.. good to see David Evans hit the score sheet and the meeting could not finish without a Willie Mullins winner.. Great viewing all week.. Ascot looked great and from all accounts those who went loved it..Thanks for the photo Warren

Saturday night relaxing to Paul Weller.. excellent.

Cilla Wills called in last night and talked about Jeremy Clarkson farming programme..We watched and laughed..

Monday morning and two members of staff have gone on holidays and two have returned.

We have a runner at Southwell.. Vermillion Rose heads there and for my thoughts on her chances please click here.

Hannah Hawkins sent this over..

I once hired a limo but when it arrived, the guy driving it walked off!

I said "Excuse me? Are you not going to drive me?"

The guy told me that the price didn't include a driver…

… so I'd spent £400 on a limo and have nothing to chauffeur it!

Todays non virus video nasty