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22nd December 2022

Plus 5 and dry when driving in.

Hard to write with much enthusiasm when one of your jockeys has a nasty fall and looked like spending the night in Taunton Hospital..Kai’s fall looked horrid.. Samatian played up when he had crossed the racecourse and went over backwards landed on the plastic rails and rolled over onto Kai...Not sure why Samatian did what he did.. something spooked him...

Thankfully late last night Kai was sent home with a few broken ribs and a punctured lung.. He was chatty and seemed OK.. Tough these jockeys..

Racing is so good at looking after their own. Ciaran Gething went to see him amongst others and even Martin Pipe rang me last night to see if Kai needed anything or any help, even offering a bed..

Safe to say it was not a good day at the races...Thankfully all are OK.

I was at Hugo Bevans Thanksgiving service which was held in the coldest church I have probably ever been into .. They had to keep the doors open for health and safety reasons as the church was packed with far too many folk standing.. Apparently a fire risk.. if there had been one I feel we would have all crowded round it to keep warm.. A popular man who had an amazing send off..

We have one runner today at Ffos Las. The Edgar Wallace runs there and for my thoughts please click here.

Staff Christmas party tonight.. The Royal Oak hosting..