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26th April 2018

Plus 6 and dry when driving in.

I have to say that it is a joy climbing out of bed when it is more or less light. Those dark mornings of winter are behind us for a few months..

Willie Mullins you are a genius.. yesterday Gordon Elliott was odds on to win the Irish trainer title and after Willie’s 6 winners yesterday at Punchestown the odds have gone the other way.

Those two trainers have made Punchestown race week THE big match.. Boxing probably, but they have really set the week alight  for the second year running.. Fascinating to watch as they are, on the face of it, two very different people, but underneath very similar.. Driven....

Today is a sad day for the yard and also happy one.. Harry Topper leaves here and heads to Northamptonshire for a new life with Joe Docker where he will become a much loved hunter..

Sad because we will miss him but we have loved having him here.. he came here since a gangly 4 year old.. Harry has done us proud and very much reactivated my training career winning 3 graded races including a Charlie Hall and Denman Chase..

Happy because Harry leaves here sound and still able to enjoy a great life after racing.. Yes we will miss his box walking, wind sucking and his happy face.

Life moves on and today we are racing at Warwick with Rhaegar and Cresswell Legend.. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Clare's car has been found and finally delivered to it designated garage, 3 days late

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