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4th December 2019

Minus 3 and dry when driving in.

David Bass was in this morning .. we worked a few and wanted to jump Wandrin Star over our newly built Grand National style fence but it was called off due to frost! You can watch our workers here: First Lot, Second Lot

John Stanley  was here second lot see his KBRP horse Drumreagh and to say farewell to Bandon Roc who leaves the yard today to become a hunter.. Something he will love..

Cilla Wills was up third lot to see her KBRP horse Voyburg.. She brought Mrs B along with her.. A day out !!

Sadly I missed them all as I was on the train early to head to London.

Dermot Clancy’s Memorial Service at St Martin in the Felds at 11.. It will be packed, and rightly so.. we toasted him many times yesterday and will again today..

Then I am heading to lunch at the Cavalry and Guards Club.. Caroline Swire has invited me to the annual lunch for ‘The Past the Post Club’..

You might think I qualify but I am not..actually I have been asked to be their guest speaker.. post lunch I hope.. 40 ex stewards who were all heavily involved in racing.. a few home truths perhaps..

If I survive that I will head home.. not having watched my runners although Caroline is involved in Commodore Barry so who knows we might stop proceedings to watch his race from Ludlow.

There was an early morning inspection at Ludlow to see if racing could go ahead.. Unfortunatley is has been abandoned due to frost so our four runners will have to wait!

You have to laugh at Dave Allen.. sadly I won't be as remotely funny at Lunch.. even after a few..