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6th March 2024

Plus 1, dry and foggy when driving in.

David Bass and Ciaran Gethings were in this morning to ride out.

We jumped a few. Bobhopeornohope, Chianti Classico, Percy Veering, Inca Rose, Tregele, Lets Go Amigo, Killigath and I Got Stung..

Kevin Lancaster, Doug Perrins and Anna were here for a morning on the gallops followed by Mrs B's breakfast.. Bought at a 'charity' auction organised by Martin F-G. Charity was raising funds for Martin's cricket club's youth nets..

Thanks for all the messages after yesterays blog.. We have been inundated with potential homes for FF

My Travelling head girl Leigh Pollard sent this over last night..

Happy retirement to First Flow, the original Hooligan!!

Starting with taking over half an hour to load when I first collected him (not for the last time) it’s been quite a journey!

They say the good ones are quirky and Flow certainly is.

FF is only horse I have been to every race with, he had to be plaited at home because he didn’t want to be messed with at the races, you had to time things well or he might not leave the stable yard, you took your life in your hands when you saddled him; I’m amazed I managed to get the saddle on every time and never got kicked! But he did things his way and you just let him get on with it.

He never gave up and always exceeded expectations.

Although I have been down at the start with him for the last 4 years, my heart was in my mouth when he thought about not starting on his last run, but he proved he was just messing when he ran rings round every one..

First Flow will certainly leave a very big hole at Thorndale as everybody loves him, but he deserves to have a long and happy retirement doing exactly what he wants!!

Yesterday was a day doing podcasts.. Horse and Hound....and Nick Luck.

The two Ronnies..