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8th February 2024

Plus 3 and very wet when driving in.

Hard to believe that my rain gauge says 6 mm, it seems far more..

Parts of the country will probably go into lock down over the next 24 hours judging by the snow forecast..Will it come this far South .. we shall see?

Thursday is our easy day although Percy Veering and Shadey Wadey had an away day while Killigarth visited Laura Collett.

Madness...Laura had all her show jump cups stolen on Saturday morning.. A man was seen on her CCTV climbing over the fence with a bucket and casually removing the cups and placing in his bucket before climbing over the fence and running off over the fields!

Click here to hear Chris Pitt talk about his life and passion for racing and his latest book on Cheltenham Gold Cup winners.. Let No Memories Fade..

Emma Raducanu beaten in Abu Dhabi.....Andy Murray struggling

An old lady offers the bus driver some peanuts.. so the driver happily munches them

Every five minutes she gives him a handful more peanuts..

Driver.. Why dont you eat them yourself?

Old Lady. I can't chew. Look, I have no teeth..

Driver.. Then why do you buy them?

Old Lady.. Oh I just love the chocolates around them..

On that happy note.. Happy birthday to my 'old mate' Mikey Elliot..Celebrating in Costa Rica no less.. Why not?