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4th May 2024

Plus 8 and dry when driving in. Another 10mm last night..Sunshine today please..

David Bass and Ciaran Gethings were in to ride out..fresh from their weeks holiday.

We jumped a few..

Iain and Angela Bell were here second lot to see their KBRS horses Let's Go Amigo and Sprucefrontiers 

Nick England was here for a morning on the gallops which was bought at The Morrisons Ball Auction. He brought 9 guests along with him.

Paul Johnson was here to see his horse Le Cameleon.. His daughter Poppy also rode out.

The Dulverton horses went home for their summer holidays..

Willie Mullins just keeps breaking records..

Jack Kennedy to be Irish Champion jockey?... or will it be Paul Townend?

David was in Tesco's yesterday, and this lady was on the check-out, face like a slapped arse and all the charisma of a half eaten sandwich.

David came to pay, he had only bought milk and bread, but had no change.

That’s "£2.15 please"

"Sorry this is all I've got," as he handed her a £20 note.

"Haven't you got anything smaller, 'cos it will take all my change, and I don't wanna count out £17.85?" she replied and pulled a stroppy face.

"I've got nothing, smaller David he thought sod it, I'll pay by card.

"Shall I pay by card?" he asked.

"Don't do me no favours," she snapped.

David kept his cool and was just about to put his PIN in.

"Cash back?" she asked sarcastically.

David couldn't resist it... "Oh yes, £17.85 please.

Good to laugh

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and see you on Monday..