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4th June 2024

Plus 14 and dry when driving in.

One very unhappy AB. Picked on Sunday night to play yesterday and then did not.. My trip to Worcester was aborted..

We had our usual vet visit this morning and this week’s movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts were Le Cameleon down 2 to 118 and Faerie Cutlass up 1 to 93

When Mirella put the last slosh of black paint on the last stable wall in the top barn on Saturday, it meant that today all those horses still in training moved from the first barn to the top barn..... Now the empty first barn is ready for Tom Fillery and his team to start steam cleaning and disinfecting every inch of those boxes and walls..

The General Election is becoming exhausting.. Now we have another new potential leader! Nigel Farage! He has to win the Clacton seat first.

England take on Scotland this afternoon in their first T20 World Cup match..

Talking cricket .. was this a first?

Defending champion Novak Djokovic still in the French Open after another long match.

Vince Burmingham emailed me last night 'It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that “Dad” passed away peacefully at Hereford Hospital.

Sadly, he never made that final trip to Thorndale, a place he loved visiting and talked about with such affection.Dad made many friends in the yard'

It was always a pleasure to see Don here at Thorndale. Vince would bring his father on regular visits then covid stopped all those fun mornings. Don who would have been 89 shortly loved his racing and was a huge supporter of all here at Thorndale.

Vince we will be thinking of you all..

To finish.. A date for the diary (July 20) if you enjoy your music. One of Le Cameleon's owners headlines with his band Wishful Thinking at  Nauntonbury 2024

Never be afraid of something new..

Remember amateurs built the Ark and professionals built the Titanic..

Huge number of birhdays in the racing world including Bob Champion..