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4th July 2024

Plus 9 and dry when driving in.

Independence Day

Polling day has arrived and it will be all change in this country by tomorrow. France looks like heading the same way with their second round of voting on Sunday.

Today is Independence Day in the US and never has there been a more important day to try and sort out their politics.. What a mess.. Trump looks like heading towards being President again (from Jail?) and the current incumbent Joe Biden really does not look upto it after his TV debate  a week ago..importantly for the free world we live in, they need to persuade Joe Biden to step down..

Wimbledon took over the TV yesterday.. Emma Raducanu and Sonay Kartal made great viewing.

Gloucestershire tied on the last ball against Glamorgan yesteray at the Cheltenham Festival..Last ball..

This was very special from Mark Cavendish

You probably have not noticed but there has been a splat with Flutter over betting at Bath.. Flutter backed down!

Two nuns are being followed by a man during their walk. They quicken their steps, but at the same time the man is walking faster and getting closer.

"Even if we run as fast as possible, he'll catch up with us soon," fears one sister, "what should we do?" "It's best if we separate, then at least one of us will get away safely," answers the other.

They part, and while the man follows the first nun, the other reaches the convent unmolested. A short time later the first nun comes back.

"What happened after we broke up?" asks the second nun.

"Well, the expected, the man followed me and I ran faster."

"And then?"

"Well, the feared, the man has caught up with me."

"What happened then?"

"The inevitable, I lifted my skirt..."

"Oh God …"

"...and the man dropped his pants."

''And then what happened?"

"The most natural thing: a nun with her skirt up can run much faster than a man with his pants down."

Jonathan Pie.