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5th July 2024

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.

That was a  long night..The night of the long knives?

As expected, we have a Labour government.  The country has voted for change and time will tell what that change will be..

Talking of change. Jon Pullen who is Regional Head of Racing, South West and Cheltenham Clerk of The Course was here early this morning to discuss this years Cheltenham Festival and what needs changing.. Jon is/has been visiting most trainers…. Jon will have much to digest me thinks!

Wimbledon again brought out the best and some wonderful matches.. Harriet Dart beat Katie Boulter, Jacob Fearnley played his best against Novak Djokovic but it was an uphill battle, Cameron Norrie beat Jack Dreaper?

Andy Murry and his brother Jamie failed to win but the tributes after his match were very very warming.. Sue Barker came on court and interviewed Andy.. It was excellent viewing. Andy has had spome career as a Tennis player..

A wife comes home and says to her husband. ‘Amazing, I have saved £300 by buying this lovely bag for only £400 instead of £700 ! What a steal. What do you think love?”

Hubby ‘ Wow, what a great saving and a cool bag! Why don't you buy 5 more and save £1500 and pay this month's mortgage?”