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5th June 2024

Plus 6 and dry when driving in. 5mm of Rain yesterday afternoon..

Mat and our vet Graham Potts  went over to inject all the Perriss horses late yesterday morning..

Every horse in training must have a flu vaccination every 6 months and as you can image it is quite a difficult task to try and date those vaccinations when looking at the racing calendar to see if they are likely to be racing in 6 months’ time.. they need a quiet week after an injection, so timing is important.

Graham left after doing his jabs leaving Mat to have a quiet lunch and a lemonade with John and Penny..

I went over to see Matt Lambert’s 4 year old gelding by Telescope out of Cascaye yesterday afternoon.. Charlie Poste has this fine big horse in pre training so Matt asked me to see his horse and make future plans..

On the way home I called in to see the Dulverton horses out at grass. They all looked great and very happy. As were the horses!

I joined Michael and Mary for a 'lemonade' and chatted all things non political..

My phone was vibrating in my pocket and rude to look while in somebody’s house, but when back in the car I noticed that Mrs B had rung several times.. Plus, a message please ring..Never good news..

Indeed, it was not as Dougie had somehow cut himself badly while on his evening walk and had to be rushed to the Dravon Vets for an operation as he had cut his front left leg down to the bone.. Poor chap was in agony..

Thankfully the vets were able to operate immediately and Dougie came home late last night very doped up and with a halo around his neck last night..and a very large bill to boot!

Wednesday morning and hopeful of a normal day!!

Ciaran Gethings called in to see the horses and walk up the gallops..

Victor Dartnell quits the training ranks..

It even rains in Barbados.. Englands first T20 World Cup match looked like it was being played in the UK judging by the weather!

Carlos Alcaraz looked good in his match last night.. some wonderful shots..

Novak Djokovic retires hurt. French Open

I don't know if Facebook has ever caused the lame to walk, but it has sure caused the dumb to aspeak!