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7th February 2024

Plus 3 and dry when driving in.

Wet overnight. 15mm. In fact it was not the greatest of drives back from Taunton.. Plenty of surface water.

Taunton was fun yesterday with owners enjoying their days racing.

Brendas Asking finished 4th and that was another solid run from her and she will now qualify for a handicap mark next week..

Halligator could do with coming down a few pounds, but having said that he ran better than his placing suggests and he ran through the line, and was a happy horse after which he certainly was not last time.. no winners, but a good days racing.

Just a foot note on yesterday morning.. It was so good to meet three such distinguished theatre folk.. Yes Play time.. who is going to be the villain.. Trainer ? Assistant? Or jockey?

One problem is that they did not meet the jockey.. I spoke on his behalf so you would assume that after what I said about him David has the credentials to make a fine villain in this coming play.. Mind you they were very impressed with Mat.. another potential villain? Whatever it should be fun..

Thanks for all the messages re my BHA Hearing..Fellow trainers were horrified by the BHA heavy handedness..

Wednesday morning brings in one of the potential villains in David Bass .. Ciaran Gethings was also here.

Alan James and John Lee were here second lot to see their KBRS horses..They have many in common..

A record 61 Irish trained runners dominate as 94 entries are revealed for the 2024 Randox Grand National…. Gordon Elliott has 26 entries.. We now have to hope that at least 10 UK based horse will run..

Paddy and his girlfriend had just got engaged and were driving to Cork for the weekend..

As she was driving Paddy slipped his hand up her skirt.

'You know Paddy now we are engaged you can go a bit further if you want' she said.

'That's great' said Paddy 'Lets go to Kerry.'