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8th April 2024

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.

Very windy at Carlisle yesterday, as it was here. Two For Gold found the hard race he had at Ascot had taken its toll. There are no other races for him to run in this side of October so it was worth trying.. Hopefully the handicapper might help him. Holiday time for him now..

Aidan Coleman has announced his retirement. A great jockey who even rode the odd winner for us..Really tough on these boys who have lived and breathed race riding for so long.. the decision would not have been an easy one even though sadly it was an obvious one due to his horrific injuries. Aidan on Nick Luck yesterday

Really good to see Kayleigh (Thompson) Starr here yesterday.

Kayleigh who had rehomed the lovely Harry Topper was over from Ireland to attend a farmer friends funeral and was staying with Katie Hanks.. Anyway they called in yesterday to see the horses..Great to catch up..

Sandra Steer Fowler suggested we give The Mayflower in Cheltenham another try. We did on Saturday night and so right she was, as it was excellent..

Monday morning...

Karen Masters was here third lot to see here KBRS horses Isle Of Gold, Zmiinyi and Does He Know

Christopher Marriott at it again...

Three engineers are having a drink at the local watering hole after work and get into a debate about the nature of God.

The first opined, “God must be a mechanical engineer: look at the elegant structure of the human body, the way everything works together — muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones. Absolutely brilliant.”

“Naw,” says the second. “You’ve got it all wrong: God is an electrical engineer. Just observe the beautiful functionality of the nervous system, coordinating everything in the body.”

“Nope,” interrupted the third. “God is clearly a civil engineer.”

“How so?” asked the other two.

“Well, who else would put a waste disposal system right smack dab in the middle of a recreation area?”

Harry Bailey who works for Inglis sale co in Sydney warned that there would be fireworks in their sales ring when lot 391 went through... he was right.10 million aus dollars!

To put the result into context..The previous record was AUS$ 2.6  for a yearling filly and AUS$ 5m for a yearling colt..