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9th March 2024

Plus 5 and drizzling when driving in.

It was chilly at Exeter where Killigarth finished 4th. Percy Veering finished 3rd at Leicetser. No shocks and no surprises.

Ther were plenty of shocks in the cricket yesterday. England really not doing well.. Today things are better.. Not!

Jimmy Anderson becomes the first pace bowler to reach 700 wickets..Incredible

David Bass and Ciaran Gethings were in this morning to ride out..We have no runners over the weekend..

We jumped Inca Rose and Grand Escaparde..Forgot to put a chip in my camera!

A usual busy Saturday morning at Thorndale...

We had Lee Hilson and Julie Robinson here for breakfast and a morning on the gallops after booking through CD Tours. We also hosted Paul Smith and David Edwards for a morning on the gallops. 

Joe Golding was her to see his KBRS horse Lets Go Amigo..

Callum Carter and Vanessa Jones popped up to see their KBRS horse Isle of Gold.

Derek and Shan Eaton also called in to see his KBRS horse Campaign Trail.

Luke and Sharon Copper were then here 3rd lot to see their KBRS horse Jack Hope. 

Six Nations this weekend. Italy play Scotland and England play Ireland this afternoon.. Tomorrow France take on Wales

Rugby players are usually a resilient bunch, unlike those prima donnas in football, but at a City lunch, the former Ireland wing Shane Horgan admitted they had their pain thresholds.

One team-mate yelped as the doctor forced his dislocated shoulder back into place on the touchline.

“I helped a woman to give birth this morning and she didn’t complain as much,” the doctor told him.

To which the injured prop replied: “Well, I’d have liked to hear how much screaming she would have done if you tried to pop it back in again.”

On that happy note have a great weekend and don't forget if you have a Mother, it is Mothers day tomorrow!

To finish..Happy birthday to Mirella Salamone.. 21 tomorrow!!