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9th June 2024

Plus 15 and wet when driving in.. Yes, wet all day?

Those horses that came in yesterday must be so happy to be dry and warm this morning.. We had 23mm of rain overnight..

It really has not been the greatest summer for the horses out at grass. They have done well, but they have been so wet on too many occasions..I am sure Greece would like some of our current weather.. Blame the jetstream?

60 years is really a tremendous achievement for he Injured Jockeys association..

The Injured Jockeys Fund (IJF) was founded in 1964 following the devastating accidents to Tim Brookshaw, and then Paddy Farrell in the 1964 Grand National. Both falls resulted in severe paralysis which immediately ended both their careers. Since then, the Fund has helped thousands of jockeys and their families and has paid out more than £22m in grants and charitable expenditure of £75m. The Fund has annual running costs of circa £5m.

Jockey JP McNamara had a life changing fall at Bangor in April 2006 and as a result spent several months in Oswestry in the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital..You need to click on the link for this hospital to read what remarkable work it has done for war veterans and others over the years.

Things were not looking good for JP, but through his unbelievable will power and strength of character he made a recovery to be able to walk and carry on in a job in Ireland..

JP used to ride for me, and his fall was my first real involvement with how the IJF worked and I just cannot given enough praise to what this remarkable charity, the IJF, did for JP and his family and as a result the IJF is number one charity to support.

This weeks mover and shaker in the BHA handicap charts were Gerard Mentor down 3 to 92 and Parc D'Amour down 1 to 125 

Vet vist tomorrow..

Those horses that came in yesterday have had front shoes on and have all been ridden.. Term starts again for them now.

Talking starts..The signs are up and car parks ready for this weekends 2000trees Festival.. Hemp, hugging and an awful lot of banging and noise!

Good article on Richard Dunwoody in today Racing Post.

We have one runner tonight at Uttoxeter. The Bull McCabe heads there and for my thoughts please click here.

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