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11th March 2024

Plus 6 and drizzling when driving in. A good bit of rain yesterday.. 15mm

Into Rugby or not but that game at Twickenham on Saturday was the most enthralling I have watched for ages. England beat Ireland 23/22in the last minute with a drop goal... Brilliant determination by England was something that has been lacking in the last Test in India..

I was a wonderful weekend of sport which included Italy beating Scotland and France beating Wales.. Now we are about to have another week of excellent sport from The Cheltenham Festival.. An exhausting and exhilarating week like no other.

El Presente won an Open point to point at Holderness yesterday..

Our weeks starts with Lunch at Cheltenham today.. The Gold Cup 100 Legends lunch and those still alive who have won the coverted Cheltenham Gold Cup have been invited for this once in a lifetime lunch.. Thankfully I have been invited courtesy of Master Oats winning it..

Day one tomorrow and there are 93 runners of which 51 are Irish, 41 English and 1 from France..only 4 English trainers have two runners in the same race. NT-D, VM, NJH, GM and KCB.. There are multiple trainer entries from Ireland in most races.. We run Trelawne and Chianti Classico in the Ultima.....David Bass had to make a tricky descision..

Talking runners we have one today at Taunton I Got Stung heads there and for my thoughts please click here.

David and Jenny Hill, who are staying in the Barn here, joined us for a walk up the gallops first lot.

John and Mandy Battershall were here to see their KBRS General Hubble.

Mark and Rachel Burt called in late morning to see their KBRS horse Isle Of Gold.

Ron Wadey called in late afternoon to see his horse Shady Wadey

Archie heads off later today to South Africa with his Gloucestershire team mates for a pre season cricket tour.. 32 degrees out there at the moment!

Cheltenham and Three Counties Racing....their Festival magazine

Charlie and his girlfriend were travelling North to meet his parents, when she got a flat tyre

Charlie called his parents and said ''Sorry Mum, we are going to be late, 'My girlfriend's got a puncture'

'Oh' she sighed, 'I thought you had a real one this time!'

Owner of the month.. Peter Kerr.. a great read Peter

A bit of light relief for the week ahead.