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11th April 2024

Plus 12 and dry when driving in.

It was certainly not dry yesterday. 5 mm..

It was a wonderful funeral for Tom Wills.

Miserden Church looked fabulous and was packed with family. A very moving and enlightening service led by Cannon Andrew Bowden which included The Cotswold Prayer… Tom was lowered into the ground to the sound of the last post played by a Coldstream Guards Bugler… A very old English setting..

There will be a memorial service for Tom at The Parish Church of St John, Baptist, Cirencester on Wednesday 15th May at 2pm.

Thursday morning and away early taking 4 for a change of scenery. The Black Sam Gelding, Court In A Storm, Behind The Veil and Fairie Cutlass..

I am sure you have seen it as it has been all over the internet but some random person broke into a trainers stable at Warwick Farm and let a load of horses loose on the middle of the night.. One ended up on the local railway station..Horse escapes and heads to the train station

The first day of the Aintree Festival.. Great Racing..

There is a sale after racing tonight..Goffs..

The first day of The Masters..

Basil Fawlty..