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22nd June 2024

Plus 14 and damp when driving in. A rain shower overnight.

The final day of Royal Ascot. It has been a great week of racing so far.

It was a day to spend time on the River Wye trying to catch that elusive salmon. Bigsweir beat and I was at the top of it.

I always wear an inflatable life jacket as I don’t have the greatest reputations of not falling in.

The top beat you have to slide down into the river from a rather high bank and as the river was fairly coloured (pollution?) I could not judge whether I was sliding into 6 foot or 2 foot of water.. I missed judged it and sat on my bottom on a rock and slipped under, although not totally under water.. The important life jacket did not go off so I thought it must not have got wet in the area that would inflate it..

I fished down the beat for an hour and then got out of the river to fish down again, and on passing my car I felt the urge for a can of San Miguel and a rest.

I sat in the drivers seat and turned on the radio opened the can and relaxed when suddenly the inflatable life jacket went off..

I gave me such a shock that my beer went everywhere and then I realised that it was so inflated that I could not get out of the car..I did not know how to deflate it and with no mobile reception I was stuck..

I had to tilt the seat flat back and finally I turned around and crawled out over the back seat, which was down, and through the open boot on my hands and knees to get out.. Exhausting!! The watching cows moooed with amusement!

Supper at The Old Butchers last night with Kim and Sarah Smith-Bingham..

I have not seen Kim for some time, and he was adamant that he should take Clare and I out to reminisce and celebrate the fact that I rehomed John Stanley’s Cheval de Guerre to him some years ago.. Kim said that CdG finest horse he had ever hunted, showed and team chased. Kim adored him and cannot that John enough for allowing him to rehome him..

We lost the cricket last night.. The West Indies beat England in a thrilling game and now the Football and Cricket teams rely on others to survive.

A quick note that we have a new number one tennis player Jack DreaperJack beat the worlds number one Carlos Alcaraz and Queens this week.. we like that.

Friday morning..

Stuart and Georgina Portlock were here to see their KBRS horse Zmiinyi.

Harry Bailey and his wife to be India Smith staying the weekend before they head down to Cornwall for their big day on Friday.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.