5 to Follow

Our Five to Follow competition has now finished, the results from last seasons competition are:


1st Place - Patience Wootton


2nd Place - Shirley Day

126 Points

3rd Place – Bob Brunt and Derek Mansfield

120 Points


Many congratulations to Patience Wootton who won  a night's stay for two including breakfast along with a bottle of bubbly on arrival.

The competition will again be run for the upcoming season with the selection going live from 1st October 2019 to 30th June 2020, with a suitable prize now being sourced.

A "transfer window" will open in January for a week when you will be able to change up to two of your selections.

Bailey’s Blog

21-08-2019 07:01:54 in General by Admin
Plus10 and dry when driving in. There is nothing I enjoy more than walking round the fields looking at my youngsters..Babies.. Last night was no exception.. Lovely as these horses are it is nearly time for them to start work. Time to start turning good looking horses into good racehorses? Dreams....The future.. David Bass and Tom Bellamy were in this morning for a couple of lots. Peter and Loi...


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