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25th September 2023

Morning, Nessie Chanter here, Clerk of the Course at Stratford and Worcester (flood expert).

I admire and fear Kim Bailey’s blog in equal measure, so it is a great honour to be asked to contribute to it. I must say, I do feel much braver this side of the keyboard, so I am probably in great danger of also becoming “old and grumpy” in my views on here, like I accuse Kim of being…..

This has been the most challenging year of being a Clerk. I love a drought, hard work, but you know where you are and what levels of irrigation are required to produce safe ground. No surprises and no curve balls. This Summer has been so unreliable, unreadable and inconsistent, heavy but localized storms are a Clerk’s worst nightmare. Take for example last weekend: We were forecast (by paid professionals) an inch of rain at Worcester (which we received in Stow on Wold), but we found only 3mm in the cup at the racecourse. Often we have made the decision to water the minimum to produce safe ground, ignoring the predicted forecast since it may not deliver. Then on occasions you pay the penalty when rain does arrive, and you are dragged over hot coals by the trainers with quick ground horses. If only they knew how often I wake in the night and flick on to the weather radar app to study the fronts currently travelling over Worcester and Stratford!  Rightly or wrongly, I would rather be caught out by having ground too slow, than ground too quick. Is there a future in having Good to Firm in the going description of National Hunt racing? A bit tough on quick ground horses but there is a direct correlation - the quicker the ground, the higher the injury rate. 

Changing the subject, it has been wonderful having a group of jockeys out hunting with the Heythrop this Autumn, so important for them to have a rare mental respite. Sam Twiston-Davies, Max Kendrick, Kielan Woods, Nico De Boinville and Richie Mclernon have been as regular as their rigorous timetable allows. One of the above decided to follow the trail over a more direct line than the rest of the field last week and took on a hanging metal five bar gate off the road. Things didn’t quite go to plan and only three of his horse’s legs rose high enough to clear it, resulting in a spectacular somersault. Both were uninjured, and the jockey went on to ride a winner that day, thankfully. It took place at dawn, so of course he blamed it on the low sun…. no comment.

 I don’t know any decent jokes, but one of my favourite stories relates back to when Charlie Longsdon was assistant trainer to Kim, and Rupert Wakley was his Amateur jockey. Charlie and Rupert had enjoyed a Black Tie party in London and had a driver return them to the yard directly from the nightclub. They were so punctual that time allowed for a quick ten-minute sleep in the car before they got changed for first lot. They were winning at life….or so they thought. Half an hour later they were woken by an angry Kim hammering a stick at the car window….they were forced to ride out three lots in Black Tie that day!

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday Kim, we look forward to welcoming you back to your favourite racecourse on your return.

Wishing Kim, his owners and his team a very successful season.

23rd September 2033

Plus 19 and dry when waking in Gallipoli.. rain around!

Saturday morning and I’m sure most of you are enjoying a lovely, cooked breakfast. I’m sure our trainer is just about to order another Bloody Mary (please don’t judge, you must factor in the time difference!).

Unfortunately, I attended the same 131 lunch with John Webber a couple of weeks ago that involved plenty of drinks and lengthy discussions about David Bass including his preferred riding style plus a potential renewal of his big money sponsorship deal (as he’s the Beckham of the horse racing world). The lunch felt very much like a support group with those attending having many issues (Matt – I won’t mention your issues on the blog) so here goes…… my name is Richard Sheppard, and I’m a victim of getting pi**ed with Kim Bailey and agreeing to write his blog for him whilst he’s away on holiday.

I work with John Webber at Colliers International and after reading his blog yesterday, I’m pleased to say that I won’t be writing about business rates and Elizabeth I. Perhaps you can get away with writing that on a Friday (just about) but not on a Saturday morning. I’m sure Kim will be reviewing the website traffic numbers whilst he’s sitting next to the swimming pool. He’s agreed to publish the stats on his return including any abusive feedback emails. A morning on the gallops breakfast for the blog author with the most abuse?

So what is my blog going to cover this morning? Prize Money, Trainers and Owners….

Prize money is the lifeblood of racing, but there are growing fears the returns on offer in Britain are not nearly enough to maintain its position as a world leader in the sport. 

Total prize money up for grabs is now 30% of total owner expenditure and therefore most owners won’t be covering costs. Perhaps inevitably, therefore, recent months have been punctuated by tales of owners deciding to scale back their investment, trainers looking beyond Britain or packing up for good, and many industry figures warning of a spiral of decline if the sport doesn't take urgent measures to increase its appeal to prospective owners. And prize-money comparisons across the world emphasise just why British owners and trainers feel so dissatisfied.

So what is it about the way prize money is funded that means Britain is unable to offer the same rewards as other racing nations?

Prize money in Britain is funded by three streams.

  • Levy – 35% 
  • Owners' entry fees – 15%
  • Contributions by racecourses – 50%


Lack of transparency over the latter is a frustration with some owners, but regardless of the accuracy of these figures it would require a substantial increase for prize money in Britain to compete with jurisdictions like Japan, France, Australia and Hong Kong. Global prize-money success stories provide compelling templates for how to fund a thriving racing industry. The problem is that, in many cases, it looks almost impossible for Britain to replicate such models, with major political and legal obstacles in the way.

While other countries reap their rewards through Tote/PMU betting, that would require a huge overhaul of the betting industry in Britain, which is unlikely to be on the agenda any time soon. The gambling environment is very different to the likes of France and, again, it is highly unlikely that any government would wish to radically interfere in the market to such an extent.

So what is next for owners? Are we going to stop purchasing racehorses because of the lack of prize money? Are we going to stop wanting that Cheltenham festival winner? Of course not! The industry will lose owners, gain new owners and owners will further reduce the number of horses they have in training.

All owners would like prize money to increase but being brutally honest, we were all fully aware of the prize money and running costs before making our last purchase, but we still went ahead with it……..why? Because we love the sport!

I am regularly asked why I spend so much money on horse racing etc and my answer is simple …….. we only live once, life is about making memories. Like most of you reading this blog, a Cheltenham festival winner would probably be number 1 on our list so why would we stop?

We have seen a reduction of 17% in trainers in the last decade so we must attract new owners to the sport to ensure that this decline doesn’t continue. PK is fantastic at running the Kim Bailey syndicates, introducing new owners, setting up new syndicates and I’m sure he will continue to do so. We need our trainer numbers to increase not reduce, so I’m calling upon any individuals that have an interest in horse racing (preferably wealthy and have ‘Sheik’ in your name) to contact Kim Bailey or Matt Nicholls immediately, the Cheltenham dream is possible.

I’m pleased to say that we are  ………. in the words of Kim Bailey …… at the end of it …….. my blog is complete so enjoy the weekend and let’s hope Kim returns to the blog asap!

Just a joke to finish and hopefully this will never apply to the future Mrs Sheppard (no one will ever say yes)……..


An elderly couple was driving across the country. While the woman was behind the wheel, the couple was pulled over by a police officer.

“Ma’am, did you know you were speeding?” the officer said.

The woman, hard of hearing, turned to her husband and asked, “What did he say?”

“He said you were speeding!” the old man yelled.

The police offer then asked, “May I see your license?”

The woman turned to her husband again, “What did he say?”

The old man yelled back, “He wants to see your license!”

The woman then gave the officer her license.

“I see you are from Cheltenham,” the officer said. “I spent some time there once and went on a blind date with the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen.”

The woman turned to her husband again and asked, “What did he say?”

The old man replied, “He said he knows you!”

22nd September 2023

Plus 22 and dry when waking in Gallipoli..

Happy Friday – in Kim’s absence he suggested I do his blog (John Webber) – or I may have volunteered – we were at 131 so fine wine was involved !

It was interesting reading Cornelius Lysaght blog this week – he is often mentioned in the ‘owners of the month’ focus on the blog as someone you would invite to dinner . As a Chartered Surveyor and business rates specialist I am the person you avoid at dinner parties and if you do unfortunately sit next to me you pray you can change seats after each course !

As Head of the Rating Team at Colliers I am lucky to act for a variety of organisations across the country as well as a number of businesses in the racing industry – as representatives for TBA / NTF(along with Christopher Marriot) . We also act for The Jockey Club and many independent racecourses . My role is to call out the Government and the opposition parties of the day as well as civil servants and point out where they are going wrong in policy terms – its not difficult they have all been making a mess of it over the last 20 years .

I thought I would try and explain business rates – what I think needs to change ( it really isn’t that hard to work it out ) and how it affects the racing industry and what the opportunities there are to reduce liabilities and help business .

Business rates have been around  in a modern sense since 1601- and were introduced by Elizabeth I – (The Elizabethan Poor Laws) to pay for the ‘impotent poor’ in each parish .Various forms existed long before then . Today people arguethey are archaic but in many ways because they have been around that long is a testament to their strength – its only politicians in recent years that have resulted in calls for its abolition .

So what is a Rateable Value – well it’s the hypothetical rental figure that the Valuation Office Agency ( Govt agency of HMRC) place on 2.15 million premises in England and Wales ( don’t get me started on the police state that is Scotland when it comes to business rates) so it’s the opinion of a Civil Servant of what the tenant would pay to rent premises based on a specified valuation date.

So for the current rating list – known as the 2023 Rating List it’s the Governments opinion of what someone would pay to rent say a racecourse like Cheltenham on 1 April 2021 . In fact the value has been set at £3.8 million . So what a civil servant has estimated is that on a date when you couldn’t actually open the facility to any paying customers and the festival had just been conducted behind closed doors you would pay a rent of nearly £4 million per annum a 25% increase from the 2017 Rating List !

So in many ways that is where the opportunity is on the 2023 Rating List – covid and its restrictions have to be reflected – what would the hypothetical tenant pay to rent a pub/shop/ racecourse you couldn’t open to the public – the answer may not be nothing but it’s a good starting point ! 

The biggest issue with rating apart from the VOA getting it wrong is the actual multiplier / Unform Business Rate or in old money the old rate in the £ . Its what you multiply against the Rateable Value to give the amount you have to pay each year.

In 1990 the multiplier was £0.34p – basically you paid a third of your rental value (Rateable Value) in business rates . Unfortunately as of today it is £0.51p and rising – so after 13 years of a Conservative administration (Lib Dems don’t count as they did as they were told) we have a 51% tax rate !! That is the elephant in the room and it is unsustainable.  

Out of 2.15 million properties in the Rating List 600,000 don’t pay anything which means the ones that do pay more and more  - have a look at the High Street to see where that plays out ! Business rates don’t need abolishing but the multiplier should be circa 30% or £0.30p .

The Labour Party have said they will abolish business rates but unless they can find £26 Billion down the back of the sofa they may struggle and the Lib Dems are all for a Land Tax which in academia may seem a good idea but in the real world will not work .

The British Racing Industry has plenty of headwinds as do many parts of the economy but please be assured that we are fighting hard to make sure that your business rates liability is not excessive .

If you have got this far you deserve a bit of light relief . A good friend and neighbour David Moore sends me jokes and videos most days – I rarely open them on my work phone in fear of a tap on the shoulder from HR but this is one I was brave enough to read :

Norman, an old retired sailor, puts on his old uniform and heads for the docks once more for old time's sake.

He engages a woman of the night and takes her up to her room.

He's soon going at it as well as he can for a guy his age, but needing some reassurance, he asks, 'How am I doing?

The lady smoothly replies, 'Well Norman, you old sailor, you're doing about three knots.'

Three knots?' he asks. ' What's that supposed to mean?'

She says, 'You're knot hard, you're knot in, and you're knot getting your money back.'

Looking forward to the dinner invites .

21st September 2023

Plus 18 and dry when waking in Gallipoli..

Todays blog guest is Rebecca Davies..

I first got to know Kim well after a visit Thorndale Farm, when I asked if he could spare time for a coffee having heard he wasn’t enamoured with experiences at one of ARC’s Racecourses.  He was the Trainer of Grand National, Gold Cup and Champion Hurdle winners and he wasn’t happy….. 

In fact, he was an open critic and I felt the best from of defence was attack so wanted to sit down and talk with Kim head on!  I set off in trepidation with my ‘tin hat’ and metaphorical armour on expecting a challenging time.

What ensued was two hours of open, constructive and humorous conversation around the delightfully large table in Kim’s office.  I’d expected to be seated at the far end to avoid the harsh expletives but Kim welcomed me and showed warmth and hospitality that I hope we reciprocate to Owners visiting any ARC racecourse.

I have since returned a number of times, around the same table, to chat with Kim and Peter Kerr who runs his syndicates and other owners discussing the good, bad and ugly of racing.  There is more good than anything else.

As we hit go on this blog, the 2024 fixture list has still not been published however there is much for racing to be enthused about.  The valuable Winter Millon extravaganza at Lingfield Park returns, as does Jump racing at Royal Windsor Racecourse, which ceased in 1988.  As one leading Jumps trainer said “it’s seriously good news for National Hunt racing” and I am sure Kim and his owners will be plotting their return to Windsor in December next year. 

ARC is continuing the £1m All Weather Horse of the Year bonus which runs from October to April and includes £50,000 in stablestaff bonus payments made direct to pool money for stablestaff associated with winning yards during this period.

Premierisation and Sunday evening fixtures are being trialled next year and we should collectively look to embrace these in the trust they will deliver what they set out to.  If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.  For this reason alone these significant fixture changes should be welcomed and we should get behind them to give the initiatives every chance of succeeding and delivering back to the industry.

ARC introduced Syndicate Lounges across all of its 16 racecourses this year, offering syndicates the choice of the standard O&T ticket allocation and benefits, or foregoing these and enjoying multiple complimentary syndicate badges with access to other private facilities.  Our aim is to give syndicates the choice of multiple complimentary admissions for days when larger groups attend, or retain the more premium experience in O&T.

Few will deny the growth of syndicates in recent years has been a welcome development in racing; making racehorse ownership more affordable and for many more enjoyable too in sharing the experience with like minded people.

Kim has over 60 horses in training, half of which are owned by syndicates.  Our aim at ARC racecourses is to give all of Kim’s owners an enjoyable day, regardless of investment levels, but with the raceday experience reflecting this.  Syndicate lounges are one way of achieving this.

Chepstow’s Jump Season Opener heralds the start of the ‘winter’ Jumps season on 13th and 14th October.  From then through to the bigger Spring Festivals, let’s enjoy and marvel at the courage and bravery of horse and rider and celebrate what are sure to be some exceptional performances on the track.

I also hope I’ll get to enjoy another coffee around Kim’s imposing table this season too!

20th September 2023

Plus 18 when waking in Gallipoli

We were delighted with Jeudidee yesterday at Uttoxeter when he finished 3rd. It was proper winter ground which was probably too soft for him but he will now qualify for a handicap mark..onwards and upwards..

Hello on the first day of Kim and Clare’s holiday, it’s Cornelius Lysaght here, in the saddle for Bailey’s Blog.

This has all reminded me of years ago when I phoned Kim at a weekend about the great Docklands Express and apologised for disturbing him on a Sunday, only to receive the very polite reply – something not guaranteed from one or two of the other big names of the 1990s – that no, it should be he thanking me as he never wanted to reach the day when the telephone stopped ringing, as it would indicate people had forgotten him. As if…so when he called asking me to be a guest writer on racing’s most-memorable trainer’s blog I, a freelance operator, was able to say much the same, three years now since being given my marching orders from the BBC…by, ironically, a Mr Gallop – though I’m not sure if he knows that in the office they call him ‘Barely A Canter’.

At Uttoxeter yesterday it was good to see Jeudidee running another good race, albeit in third this time, for John and Laura Garrett (aka Park View); what a good attitude he showed on the very soft going there, definitely bumping into a good ‘un, and being beaten thirteen-and-a-quarter lengths by Williethebuilder may well turn out in retrospect to have been more than respectable form. Uttoxeter also saw the final working day of ‘Bagsy’, Neil Painting, a racing stalwart for practically fifty years, best known as travelling head man to David Nicholson’s Condicote operation and for the last about twenty years in the weighing room as valet to countless jockeys. Having spent so long being responsible for washing David Bass’ – and Ed Cookson’s – and others’ underpants we can be sure he is more than deserving of the happiest of retirements. A notably large array of his jockeys, including several not riding at the meeting, were there for a pre-retirement race photo at Worcester on Monday (in front of the weighing room development that is looking better and better).

What else to tell you about: Nicky Henderson says Constitution Hill is staying over hurdles despite speculation that he might go chasing this season with an attempt at completing the Champion Hurdle / Cheltenham Gold Cup double – only ever achieved by Dawn Run – as the big target. At the moment apparently Nicky and Nico de Boinville are not convinced that his stamina would last out the three-and-a-quarter miles of the GC, so he’ll stick for now to trying to win another Champion Hurdle, which will clearly be no straightforward task as Willie Mullins is talking up State Man and Impaire Et Passe for the same goal. Constitution Hill is still only six and there’s plenty of time for him to have a go at Gold Cups in the future.

I’m sorry to read about the death of one-time stipe Rachel Tonks – always Miss RAR Tonks on the racecard – at the age of 76. For a long time she was part of the racecourse furniture and a link to a time before all the stewarding changes of recent years.  

Constitution Hill gets, of course, quite a few mentions in Paul Ferguson’s Jumpers To Follow 2023/24 which has thudded through my letterbox. Eight Thorndale Farm horses receive write-ups, two in particular – The Kemble Brewery and Trelawne – which I always think has pros and cons for the owners. Paul is famously shrewd so that’s a plus, but unfortunately everyone knows how clever he is so they’ll probably start a point or two shorter than you’d ideally like. It’s a great read, getting you right in the mood for the main part of the NH season – and, like me, Paul supports Everton so needs all the oxygen for life that you can muster for him. It can be bought here

Post-BBC life has allowed me to do a whole variety of more commercial work in racing, without having to get clearance every time from the impartiality police, and amongst the most enjoyable stuff has been working with Worcester and Hereford on racedays. I am hoping to maybe extend that work, but at the moment it’s hard to know where to pitch anything as we still don’t have the 2024 fixture list confirmed by the British Horseracing Authority. Even though it’s only mid-September you will have noticed that the evenings are fast drawing in, and it’s not just the freelance brigade that wants to know what’s going on – courses themselves need to be able to get marketing to racegoers who also like to plan ahead and, of course, organisers of the charity calendars want to get printing. At Doncaster last week I was assured by someone who’d know that the dates should – should – be known within the next couple of weeks, but they warned that some of the BHA’s controversial and costly plans, particularly when it comes to the ‘premierisation’ (if nothing else, it’s invented a new word) on certain Saturdays, have not all been sufficiently thought-through, hence the delay in releasing funding by the Levy Board. Let’s hope thinking caps have been screwed by now: everyone, particularly the smaller courses that could live or die as a result of these weekend changes, has a right to expect better from our regulator.   

If you haven’t yet seen the video linked below, I’d recommend it to make you smile. Alan Johns produced it with some of his fellow Welsh jump jockeys to promote a charity flat race in which they are all taking part at Chepstow’s Jump Season Opener on October 13 and 14 (yes, it’s only just around the corner) to raise money for the children’s charity Latch which has provided extensive support to Christian Williams and his family since Christian and Charlotte’s daughter Betsy was diagnosed with leukaemia. The jocks have done a great job – especially championship leader Sean Bowen with his faux-big headedness. 

19th September 2023

Plus 12 and dry when driving in. A rough day ahead?

Clare, Archie and I joined Pete, Helen and Tommy Boorman at Kibou last night..

Tommy and Archie have been playing cricket together for the last 6 years and both were planning on heading to Australia to play club cricket this winter. Sadly Archie is unable to go because of his summer injuries, but Tommy is going off there next week..

Time to say goodbye and enjoy.. both will be living (together) in Bristol next year…

We like Kibou and the boys certainly love it and it did not disappoint..

David Bass was in this morning to ride out.

Graham Potts our vet was in for his weekly visit..

We have one runner today at Uttoxeter. Jeudidee heads there and for my thoughts please click here.

Clare and I fly away for a week in Puglia today.. It might seem strange but it is the only week that we have both been free to escape.. we did the same week last year.

While I am away I have asked some 'interesting and influential' racing folk to write a blog..I too will looking and reading what they have to say..Just hope they are not too derogatory about me!!

In Nottingham the members of a Sunday­-school class were asked to set down their favorite biblical truths.

One youngster laboriously printed: “Do one to others as others do one to you.”

See you next week..

18th September 2023

Plus 14 and dry when driving in.

Wet last night with plenty of thunder about.. Bert, our lurcher, hates the noise and quivered the night away in fright..

Steve and Debbie Jaggard plus friends Richard and Debbie called in to see Steve's KBRS horse Phantom Getaway..

A good St Leger on Saturday and another win for the genius Aiden O’Brien with Continuous, but the highlight of the days racing was the fact that our King and Queen were there and although their horse Desert Hero was third they looked happy and the crowds certainly were thrilled to see them .. as was racing as a whole.

Clare and I are heading away for week as from tomorrow. This meant that we were able to attend Anthony Sheppard's lunch party yesterday..A proper old fashioned party and it was great to see so many old mates who are not into their racing and as a result we don’t see them so often.. also good to see the Dulverton’s and Jane Lay who are..

Last night rugby was a good result.. England beat Japan.

Harry Brook has replaced Jason Roy in the 15 man squad for this upcoming ICC Mens World Cup

Sandie Wilkinson sent this one over..

Breaking News!...The UK Health Minister has announced that due to the new Indian Covid variant.. Vindaflu, people will now be offered the Punjab.

Please take this variant very seriously, My neighbour caught it, and has been in a Korma for a week, sadly he only just buried his Naan who had a dodgy Tikka.

And as only five were allowed to attend the funeral it led to a right Arji Bhaaji..


16th September 2023

Plus 8 and dry when driving in

David Bass was in to ride out.

Paddy Clarkson and Alice Barrow who have been riding out during the summer finish today.. They are now heading off to their respective Universities.. It has been great to have them here and I know they really enjoyed being part of the team..

Stuart and Lucy Ballantyne were here second lot to see their KBRS horses Mikhailovich, The Kemble Brewery and  Isle Of Gold.

David Molineux was here to see his KBRS horse Spruce Frontiers.

Cricket.. Series win for England .. A really odd and one sided series.. It has been an excellent summer of cricket..

Tennis.. Davis Cup.. Andy Murray dedicates his win to his Grandmother.

Rugby.. England play Japan tomorrow in the Rugby World Cup.

For the first time this summer we might not see a Red Bull dominance.. Singapore Grand Prix..

St Leger. The last Claasic of the Flat season..Any chance of a Royal Winner?

Is number 5 going to win the St Leger?

David Carey sent this over..

“I wonder how the founders of Nationwide felt when they opened their first branch?”

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday..

15th September 2023

Plus 13 and dry but foggy when driving in.

Giffords Circus last night was brilliant.. If you can you should go.. A true family show with plenty to admire and just fun… It was packed. Supper atfter at The Stump

Not such a good read.. Irish racing has been rocked by the one of the biggest doping scandals in the history of the sport after trainer, billionaire businessman and major sponsor Luke Comer had his licence suspended for three years and was ordered to pay €840,754 in fines and costs after a dozen of his horses tested positive for anabolic steroids. And he sponsored last weekends Irish St Leger..

The ladies English Cricket team beat Sri Lanka yesterday..

England play New Zealand at Lord's today.. I hope it will not be a one sided match??

Friday morning here is a quiet one..

A carry on from yesterdays joke..

A teenager brings her new boyfriend home to meet her parents. They’re appalled by his haircut, his tattoos, his piercings.

Later, the girl’s mom says, “Dear, he doesn’t seem to be a very nice boy.”

“Oh, please, Mom!” says the daughter. “If he wasn’t nice, would he be doing 500 hours of community service?”

Happy birthdays to two Irish training legends.. Willie Mullins and Arthur Moore..

14th September 2023

Plus 11 and dry when driving in...

Thursday is our easy day especially, for those who had their first work morning yesterday.

We had our first away day this morning with Mikhailovich, Lets Go Amigo, Brendas Asking and Par d’Amour..

Cricket. England thrashed New Zealand yesterday at the Oval. Ben Stokes beats the record..One game more.. tomorrow at Lord's.. Extroadinary series as it seems that one side beats the other easily?

We are heading to Giffords Circus later..

Jane Lay not be out done has sent this one over..

A young man goes into a chemist to buy condoms.

The pharmacist says the condoms come in packs of 3, 9 or 12 and asks which the young man wants.

"Well," he said, "I've been seeing this girl for a while and she's really hot. I want the condoms because I think tonight's "the" night. We're having dinner with her parents, and then we're going out. And I've got a feeling I'm gonna get lucky after that."

"Once she's had me, she'll want me all the time, so you'd better give me the 12 pack."

The young man makes his purchase and leaves.

Later that evening, he sits down to dinner with his girlfriend and her parents.

He asks if he might give the blessing and they agree.

He begins the prayer, but continues praying for several minutes.

The girl leans over to him and says, "You never told me that you were such a religious person."

The boy leans over to her and whispers, "You never told me that your father is a pharmacist."

To finish.. Happy birthday to my Lambourn days PA Jenny Winch..