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A unique promotion of our beloved sport and the family comradery which encompasses it. Exclusive access to life at the yard, highlighting the love of the horse and dedication from the hard working team behind the scenes.

Clare Bailey
Matthew Nicholls
Assistant Trainer
Peter Kerr
Syndicate Manager
Kate Paddock
Head Girl
Leigh Pollard
Travelling Head Lass
Leah Fairburn
Second Travelling Lass
Mary Newland
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cook
Amos Elliott
Yard Man
Will Hodkinson
Stable Lad
Lauren Keen-Hawkins
Amateur Jockey
Aamilah Aswat
Stable Lass
Ebony Christopher
Stable Lass
Mirella Salomone
Stable Lass
Milly Jeory
Stable Lass
Hermione Wall
Stable Lass
Erika Creed
Stable Lass
Joe Robins
Stable Lad
Kai Lenihan
Conditional Jockey
Sandie Wilkinson
Accounts Secretary
Maya Quist
Racing Secretary
David Bass
Ciaran Gethings
Graham Potts
Andy Martin AWCF
Mia Alice White

Team win

Bailey’s Blog

27-03-2023 06:37:55 in General by Admin
Plus 3 and dry when driving in.. Newbury on Saturday was not as busy as I expected although the owners and trainers was busy enough. Huw and Richard Davies and friends looked as they were rather enjoying their day until their horse Moonlighter made one of his characteristic mistakes at the open ditch going away from the stands. So frustrating that he has to make one mistake a race and depending...


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