The Team

Clare Bailey
Matthew Nicholls
Assistant Trainer
Peter Kerr
Syndicate Manager
Archie Bailey
Pupil Assistant
George Savill
Head Lad
Leigh Pollard
Travelling Head Lass
Stevie Broadhouse
2nd Travelling Head Lass
Liam Higgins
Head Groundsman
Kate Paddock
Stable Lass
Will Hodkinson
Stable Lad
Lauren Jack
Stable Lass
Lauren Keen-Hawkins
Stable Lass
Sean Clarke
Stable Lad
Alicia Perkins
Stable Lass
Milly Shaw
Stable Lass
Oliver Puffett
Stable Lad
Hebe Lanyon
Stable Lass
Rhiannon Burton
Stable Lass
Ebony Christopher
Stable Lass
Dominique Cristini
Stable Lass
Mark Brushneen
Stable Lad
Lucy Mundell
Stable Lass
David Hayward
Yard Man
Sandie Wilkinson
Accounts Secretary
Maddie Webster
Racing Secretary
David Bass
Ciaran Gethings
Chester Williams
Conditional Jockey
Graham Potts
Andy Martin AWCF
Mia Alice White
Tom Siddall
Bex Tarling

Team win

Bailey’s Blog

23-10-2020 18:51:44 in General by Admin
Plus 8 and dry when John Perriss and started driving to Kelso.. An early start with a sore head!! Why? Does He Know won the first race at Cheltenham yesterday.. Is that a good enough reason?? Stunning stuff from this former English Point to Pointer who has done nothing but improve with age. His two runs/wins this season have vindicated my thoughts of not running again after his two seconds la...


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