The Team

Clare Bailey
Matthew Nicholls
Assistant Trainer
Peter Kerr
Syndicate Manager
Kate Paddock
Head Girl
Leigh Pollard
Travelling Head Lass
Liam Higgins
Head Groundsman
Will Hodkinson
Stable Lad
Lauren Jack
Stable Lass
Lauren Keen-Hawkins
Stable Lass
Hebe Lanyon
Stable Lass
Ebony Christopher
Stable Lass
Leah Fairburn
Stable Lass
Mirella Salomone
Stable Lass
Daisy Messider
Stable Lass
Sapphire Ross-Newman
Stable Lass
Milly Jeory
Stable Lass
Sandie Wilkinson
Accounts Secretary
Maddie Webster
Racing Secretary
David Bass
Ciaran Gethings
Graham Potts
Andy Martin AWCF
Mia Alice White

Team win

Bailey’s Blog

20-05-2022 07:05:16 in General by Admin
Pus 11 and dry when driving in. Back after 4 days away up at Doncaster.. Yesterdays sale were the quietest I can recall for the 4th day at Goffs.. They say they had another record day, but frankly it did not feel that way.. It was very noticeable the lack of English point to point owners looking for horses.. In past years you would be knocked over by people looking for pointers to run in the UK...


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