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1st February 2023

Plus 6 and dry when driving in. A new month..

Ffos Las is certainly not next door and yesterday it was the busiest I have seen it.. judging by the car park..

Another ARC racecourse that is trying and yesterday their owners and trainers had moved into the main grandstand and was far more comfortable than the pocky little room we used before.. ARC as a body are trying to make their owners and trainers experience better..

The ground was drying and as a result tacky and tiring stuff. Top Target who was running in his first handicap ran well enough to finish 4th. On paper it looked a competitive race and it rode that way.. And as so often you really don’t know whether the handicapper is right when they allot you a mark for the first time.

Wednesday morning brings in David Bass and Ciaran Gething.

We worked quiet a few and jumped many after.

Mary Dulverton was here to see her boys perform.

We have just the one runner today at Leicester. Moonlighter heads there and for my thoughts please click here,.

Uncomfortable reading...

1. Chips and fish

2. Mash and bangers

3. Squeak and bubble

4. Kidney and steak pudding

5. Butter and bread pudding

6. Mash and pie

7. Onion and cheese

8. Vinegar andd salt

9. Tonic and gin

10.Biscuits and tea..

To finish.. Very happy birthdays to Aiden Murphy and Ginny Elliot.