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2nd February 2023

Plus 7 and dry when driving in...

Day 2 in February..  I have never been 100% sure if I am saying 'February' right!

Leicester yesterday..Moonlighter

Ground was good which was far faster than when he won at Chepstow.. He ran ok to finish 4th, although jumped a bit left early on.. It was a tougher race than last time and up 5lbs for that win.. tough on a 10 years old!.. Ciaran Gething was happy with his performance.

Mat and I spent this morning looking at sand gallops..ours is being replaced this summer so it is important to be happy with the new surface..However much we hope and pray that these expensive gallops last ages, sadly they don’t!!.. Loads of topping up and general maintenance.

Another good one gone.. Alistair Charlton.. He was a canny chap, and very likeable..

The third and last ODI in South Africa..We won the thirsd an final game.. Jofra Archer back with 6 wickets..

The Six Nations starts this weekend and there is the Dublin Racing Festival to look foward to.

The roads around here are terrible.

Living among so many potholes you have to drive like you are warming up the tyres on a  F1 car!