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2nd March 2023

Plus 1 and dry when driving in.

Wincanton is probably the worst of all my drives when it comes to going racing, but yesterday I was not the one driving. Mat had that pleasure..

He also had the unfortunate call, having walked the course, to take our runner Mikhailovich out due to yet another wrong call on the ground description.

Mat rang me worrying ..I said ‘Mat when in doubt pull out!’ 'Horses welfare comes first'..

Mat was not the only person to feel strongly enough to take their horses out..10 non runners..

I think I have probably had more non runners at Wincanton than any other racecourse when it come to disagreeing with ground calling by clerks .. there is no need to deceive trainers, so why do clerks not be honest..

We all know it is a shit job, but it makes ours feel the same when our owners have paid for the jockey and then receive a bill for transport and staff expenses ....Total waste of everybody’s time and money.

It has been a difficult year and to prove the point February 2023 was officially the dryest for 30 years.

Thursday is our easy day and it might be for the horses, but not for me as I have a physio session with Lucinda..more pain!!

After yesterdays frustrations.. Time to laugh..