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2nd April 2020

It was plus 3 and dry first thing this morning.

Well how do I start.

I could start by saying...Thursday is our easy day, but that is unlikely to wash today.

Or I could start.....Sorry about yesterdays blog. Yes April 1st…

I try every year to write an April 1st Blog in the hope that I can surprise or catch folk out..

I have had myself running in the marathon, riding in a charity race and even revamping and rebranding the whole of Thorndale and its racing side as the great AP McCoy was going to become my assistant when he retired..

The good news that all were believed by some, and especially by a close relation of Mrs B’s.. and blow me this year was no different

Owners rang Mat and Peter Kerr to see if it was true, and I too had to field questions and disbelief that I had not mentioned it before..

Sorry, but those of you who regularly read my blog should know my sense of humour by now..awful..

I did offer enough hints yesterday including ‘Oliver was a far more studious student than I, so there is every chance that the Aescwine Racing blog will have understandable English and respectable spelling.’

I also came up with the idea of Aescwine Racing, knowing that no commentator would be able to pronounce it..well I could not..

But what I will say is that I had loads of supportive emails and texts wishing Oliver and I luck in our new venture.

So many that it probably maded me realise that, although I have mentioned it before, sharing really is something that will catch on.. It does down under..

Yes, I am sorry but you have been had..!!

Thank you Oliver for playing your part in my April Fools…You are a good mate...

We really do need something to make us laugh at the moment, and some of your reactions certainly made me do just that..

So back to Thursday..

We should be heading to Aintree for 3 fabulous days racing..

Lunch should have been with Rose Paterson and the Aintree Directors and then after racing, the Goffs Sales, and then we should be heading into Liverpool for our annual stay in Hope Street.. Party time.. sadly not this year..Clarissa Daly usually joines us.....

I don't think we need a joke today..

But todays non virus nasty video..