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1st September 2017

Plus 6 and foggy when driving in.

Robert Bellamy was in to ride out this morning.. Father of Tom and husband of Kerry.

It was a start to the morning when nothing worked, computers down always annoying so a brief blog today.

Cherry Jones was over third lot to see her Rose To Fame canter. Cherry brought Mike Evans up.. Mike runs and owns the best local golf course...Royal Shipton

Late morning Andrew Bengough, Sandy Douglas and all the Hammonds were over to see Laval Noir

Louis from Cotswold Film Company was here mid morning to discuss a few issues..

Graham Potts our vet was in.

Vince Burmingham holds his annual fete at his Hendra House tomorrow and as always I offer a  morning on the gallops.. on the right you will see his flyer.. please get in touch directly if you fancy a mornings visit here..

Harry Bailey is back from Sydney for a week and is staying the weekend which will be good.. Harry is over for Henry Larthe's wedding..