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2nd November 2023

Plus 7 and drizzling when driving in. 12mm of rain in the last 24 hours here...

We woke to find that we had no wind or any amount of rain overnight.. We were expecting to be drenched!

You have to feel sorry for Fakenham.. Such a lovely little racecourse and they try so hard.. Having their meeting was abandoned yesterday after the first race was right, but sad..They don’t deserve to have their sort of luck.. It is a very tight course.

Precautionary (intended to prevent something unpleasant or dangerous from happening) Inspections for todays meeting at Lingfield where we have four runners and there is an inspection tomorrow for Sundays meeting at Huntingdon..

I sent a text to Lingfield's clerk of the course Stephanie Wethered at 6am and then Mat and I rang her many times hoping she might answer her phone to give us some idea of what was happening at Lingfield before we sent our horses to the races .... No answer and no text so the horsebox left at 6.45..

Stephanie did upate Sundays all weather meeting for Lingfield at 5.50am this morning.... If that is correct them racing should go ahead as they only had 7mm of rain overnight!!

If racing goes ahead we have 4 runners at Lingfield and one at Stratford. Halligator, Percy Veering, Hurlerontheditch and Spruce Frontiers… At Stratford we run Samatian.. For my thoughts on all their chances please click here.

Lingfield ABANDONED..

South Afrca on a roll..

Seen in yesterday's paper..

Boris Johnson once wrote that he loved hunting because of the “semi-sexual relation with the horse”.

It turns out he couldn’t stay mounted for long.

Speaking to Scribehound, a website for rural types, Charles Moore says he gave Johnson his first hunt. “He was very brave, having never ridden before except a donkey on Blackpool beach,” he said. “As soon as he got on, he fell off the other side.” For the whole day, he was carefully led on a rein.

Moore says “Jenny” who held his lead “claims to be the only woman who could ever control Boris”.