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3rd February 2016

Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

David Bass, Henry Morshead and Tom Clarkson were in to ride out a couple of lots (horses) this morning..

We worked Twelve Roses, Charbel, Silver Kayf, Faerie Reel, The Flemensfirth, Sonneofpresenting, Laval Noir, Our Belle Amie, Darna, Kalanisi Glen, Sunblazer, Network Rouge and Texas Forever.

We jumped Twelve Roses, Trojan Star, Didntitellya, Faerie Reel, Sonneofpresenting and Younevercall.. A video of the horses working can be seen here and schooling here.

Russell Fields, Brain Cognet, John, Sue and Tom Stanley all called in 3rd lot to see their horse Bandon Roc work away.. The Wow Partnership.

Martyn and Sandra Steer-Fowler were also here to see their horses Such A legend, Pulling Power and Fizzy Dancer.

Martyn and Sandra are staying locally but not at The Frogmill..

What is happening to our local hotel The Frogmill?.

Pierre White sold it in December and since then the place has gone quiet.

John Battershall, who normally stays at The Frogmill for the Cheltenham Festival has asked me to point out that if you have a booking for this years Festival you just might be in for a shock.. Try and check what is going on, as I will .. John and Mandy, who have paid a deposit, have decided to move elsewhere for this years festival..Be warned..

As a matter of interest The Kilkenny which has also been closed, but for refurbishment, has reopened this week....

Laura Lewis you have just hit the right note.. Sorbets.. lushice ones too.. Thank you for sending some over.. they are delicious.. Mrs B loves them.

I am heading to Leicester (you might wonder why) to watch David Bass ride Milord and The Drinkymeister. We also have two at Ludlow.. Boolavard King and Magic Money both to be ridden by Tom Bellamy. For my thoughts on all their chances please click here..

Yes you might wonder why I am going to Leicester rather than one of my favourite racecourse Ludlow..Is it their new exciting owners treatment.. No I am calling in to see a all weather surface for our school/arena made by Equestrian Direct.. Anybody have one? We are about to replace our surface.

Guy Faber sent this one over..A farmer bought several acres of wasteland and within a year or two had turned it into productive land.

One day the local vicar bumped into the farmer and complimented him on his work, adding "Wondrous things can happen when man and God work together."

Yes said the farmer but you should have seen the place when God was running it on his own."

We are nearly at 5000 viewings of our Racing Stories.. Life At The Yard.