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3rd February 2018

Plus 1 and raining when driving to Birmingham.

Yes off to Scotland..


I did not make Chepstow even though I was meant to .. On going problems at home with gigaclear were sorted by Bruce Ballard of the rather aptly named Paddock It Solutions, but as a result of me being at home to show him which part of my loft to climb into meant Bruce was still with me half an hour before The Drinkymeister finished 2nd .. Probably a good thing as I not a fan of finishing second as you well know..especially to a 15 year old… horse.. not jockey..

Yesterdays racing news continued its bad trend when it was announced that Malcolm Jefferson died of cancer early in the morning.. Malcolm was a brilliant trainer and a really good guy.. I always enjoyed our chats.. He really will be missed and thoughts to all his family.. Life is tough..

Back to today.

David Bass was in to ride out.

We jumped Abbreviate, Glenforde, Harry Topper, Sainte Ladylime and Vinndication.. No photos.. not there!

Jo Brown from Overbury Stud called in to see Kayf Storm.. We lease KS from Overbury Stud.

Mel Pyman and SueTagg were her also to see their KBRP horses Kayf Storm, Our Belle Amie, and Chateau Robin.

As you already know I am in Scotland for the weekend.. racing today and tomorrow at Musselburgh and in between time I will be staying with my godson Charlie Morshead.. so importantly dinner tonight will include his father and my mate Sam..

Yes 4 runners at Musselburgh. Gallery Exhibition today and Red River, Cresswell Legend and By The Boardwalk tomorrow..For my thoughts on their chances please click here..

I am now going to paint all the take off boards on my fences and hurdles white after reading Marcus Armytage in yesterdays Telegraph… All these years.. I thought horses were colour blind!

George Barkes sent this one over!!

Australian Telephone Operator: " G'day mate .. Helpline here ... What is the problem?”

Caller: "I am in the Outback with my girlfriend and she has been stung on her thigh by a hornet, and now, her vagina has completely closed up!”

Australian Telephone Operator: "Bummer!”

Caller: "Great advice! Thanks mate, bye."

Have a great weekend and see you Monday..

I hope this is not you on a Saturday night out...