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3rd February 2021

Plus 5 and dry when driving in. A further 10 mm of rain overnight..

Adjourned predictably found a mile far too short for him..One more race for him, which could be next week.. while we can find novice races..

Captain Tom.. He was a true beacon of what is all so good about our country.. He raised fortunes and brought smiles and tears to our lives.. for all the right reasons.. RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore

Wednesday and David Bass, Chester Williams and Harry Beswick were in to ride out.

Very few horses to work and hence no videos this morning.

Di Arbuthnot rang yesterday to discuss my feelings on the route the ROR are taking and whether I agree.. which of course I do..

Di and her team do a fabulous job and what they do really does make our job of finding homes for our retired racehorses so much easier…

It was also good to speak to her husband David.. David has stopped training so I have not seen him for a while.. lockdown means I won't for a while either, but all the same it was good to catch up.

Excellent article in yesterdays Racing Post on David Bass.. sadly the RP put it to members only so most could not read it.. unless you bought a copy..Maddie has come to the rescue and photographed it.. So if you click on David Bass article you will be able to read it

We have another flat runner today at Lingfield.. Diamond Gait runs there and for my thoughts please click here.

I called in on Charlie and Francesca Poste late morning to see what horses they have for sale..

David Duber from Stoke sent me this poem


Let me introduce you to a gentleman

Who lost his life today

a hero, a soldier, a fighter

with a heart bigger than I can say


Captain Sir Thomas Moore

You really did us proud

99 years old, you chose to walk

You gathered quite a crowd


You were followed by the tv

You were followed in the news

You walked around your garden

You walked miles in your shoes


By the time you reached 100

Your honour was in sight

You smashed your £1000 target

And HRH made you a knight


A title you deserved

So much money you had raised

The donations just kept rolling in

You made millions in days


For the NHS you wanted funds

And the public were behind you

You didn’t just smash a million

But you raised over thirty two


Almost thirty three million pounds

I was so proud, it made me cry

You were so very humbled

You loved your spitfire fly by


The whole world was watching

As you did every garden lap

The whole world is now mourning

You simply were a lovely chap


Thank you Captain Sir Tom

We all thank you a lot

We will all salute you

And you’ll never be forgot

In memory of Captain Sir Thomas Moore 1920-2021

You made world news..