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3rd February 2023

Plus 8 and dry when driving in.

The weather is very spring like and speaking to Will Riggall about gallops yesterday he said that he was tempted to start his mower up!!

This weather brings the word watering back into the ground descriptions.. Sandown are watering parts of their hurdle and chase tracks for tomorrow.. In February!

Mrs B and I were joined by Jonathan and Harriet Hicks for supper at Prithvi last night.. Excellent as always .. A treat

There has been some really good news for my assistant Mat Nicholls..When...The Jockey Club announced that they were scapping the dress codes on all their racecourses.. Yes to appease the younger fans..

Mat is absolutely thrilled as now he can head to the races.. tieless.. sockless and showing his ankles.. And he also knows there is absolutely nothing I can do about it for the next couple of weeks as I shall be recovering from a knee op which is due to take place on Monday..

Friday morning...We took 5 horses away for a day out..

We have our usual Friday vet visit..

Gordon Fairbairn who has been Thorndale's shepherd for the last 18 years retires today.. ..

Gordon has been a great neighbour and very helpful, especially in our early years here at Thorndale when we were learning the ropes..

There have been times when his sheep dogs and our two dogs have wound each other up and as a result they have crossed swords.. But we all survived and laughed..

Gordon leaves rounding up sheep to rounding up humans.. he soon starts a new life as a bus driver, based in Worcester..

We all wish Gordon (and Debbie) well and a very happy and long retirement.. and of course happy driving.. we shall miss you Gordon..At least you won't be able to wind up Mat when your team beats Mat's..Past results never makes for a happy walk to the gallops first lot!!

Happy birthday to Eliott England.. Budding amateur jockey..

Kicked by a donkey