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3rd May 2023

Plus 7 and dry when driving in. It was the most beautiful start to the morning.

Kevin Clancy was in fine fettle yesterday and much enjoyed seeing and meeting his new horse Amazing Cleni and the war horse that is Two For Gold.

We then went to the round gallop..Kevin probably knew more about the digging of the round gallop than the horses.

Kevin whose business is all about digging enjoyed meeting the team who are refurbishing the round gallop..Loads of truck and digger talk!

Paul and Elizabeth Kellar were here second lot to see Faerie Cutlass..

More horses headed out to grass and you and I going away you can almost guarantee they will get wet and cold over the weekend!

As much as I love seeing the horses out at grass I also hate watching them gallop flat out around those fields in gay abandon.. I have no control and often wonder even if they do when charging up to a gate on wet ground.. I close my eyes in the hope that they put enough pressure on their brake pads!

While golfing, I accidentally overturned my golf cart.

A very attractive female golfer, who lived in a villa on the golf course, heard the noise and called out. ‘’Are you OK?’’

‘’I’m okay thanks’’ I replied as I pulled myself out of the twisted cart.

‘’Why don’t you come up to my villa, rest for a while and I’ll help you get the cart later’’

‘’that’s mighty kind of you’’ I answered. ‘’I don’t think my wife would like it’’

‘’Oh come on now’’ she insisted

She was so pretty and very persuasive .. I was weak..

‘’Well Okay’’ I finally agreed, ‘’However. I’m sure my wife won’t like it’’

After a couple of Scotch, I thanked her and said.

‘’I feel a lot better now, but I know my wife is going to be really upset, So I’d better go now’’

‘’don’t be silly!’’ she said with a smile while undoing a button of her shirt

‘’Stay for a while, she won't know anything.. by the way where is she?’’

‘’Still under the cart, I suppose’’

It was my PA Maya's birthday yesterday..