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3rd October 2020

Plus 11 and raining when driving in.. I lay awake listening to the train lashing down last night

A very very wet day yesterday and it was wet too in Newmarket.

A good stay with Teddy and Emma Grimthorpe.. Mikey and Giny Elliot were fellow guests.. celebrating their wedding anniversary..Late night and plenty of chat...

God I hate that drive though.. It took nearly 4 hours to get there on Thursday afternoon (M25) and although shorter on the way home we still took an hour just to manoeuvre through and around Oxford.

David Bass, Chester Williams and Ciaran Gething were here this morning.

We jumped Cresswell Legend, Diamond Gait, El Presente, Espor De Romay, Grey Flint, Grey Felix, Imperial Icon, Inawhilecrocadile, Inca Rose, Lord Apparelli, Miss Gemstone, Mr Grey Sky, Party Fuzz, Prince Llywelyn, The Bull Mcccabe and Younevercall..

Martyn Peters, Richard Cox, Michael Ford and Adrian Williams were meant to have been here this morning but rang in to say that they were flooded and could leave Dorset..Another time..

Dick and Anne Bradford were here second lot to see their horse Starvoski

John Benson was here third lot to see his KBRP horses Vinndication, Arthurs Sixpence and Parc d’Amour

Quentin and Christine Bevan were here to see their horse Fubar

Fourth lot John and Penny Perriss were here to see John’s horses Bobhopeornohope, Getaweapon, Hollymount Holly, Illuminated Beauty, Lady Of The Night, Lots Of Luck, Rockys Treasure and Rosmuc Relay and Penny’s horses Station Master and Wandrin Star.

How sad that John Gosden can't go to France to watch his horse Enable.. Teddy Grimthorpe is going but has to self isolate for two weeks on his return on Monday..

Every racehorse trainers nightmare.. Feed and when something goes wrong.. contamination..

5 horses tested positive in France..

It seems both horses and jockeys fall foul of their testing!

Gain horse feeds are very popular and widely used.. We feed Dodson and Horrell

 We have just the one runner on Sunday at Uttoxeter.. Shantou Express runs there and for my thoughts please click here.

A man texts his wife.

“Honey, I got hit by a car outside of the office. Tina brought me to the hospital.

They have been taking tests and doing x-rays. The blow to my head is very strong, may be serious.

Also, I have 3 broken ribs, a broken arm, a compound fracture on my left leg and they may have to amputate the right foot.”

Wife’s response: “Who is Tina?”

Todays non virus video nasty