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3rd October 2023

Plus 11 and dry when driving in..We were forecested 20mm of rain yesterday afternoon but only 2 arrived..

We had such a loud clap of thunder at about 5.30 last night that some of the locals thought it was a sonic boom..It blew the internet in some villages, including ours..  We were not the only ones..

Libby O'Flaherty who is clerk of the course at Chepstow showed that she was used to rising early as she was here at 7 to see me..

David Bass was in after Libby to ride out..

Simon, LJ and Verena Hanbury were here second lot for 'breakfast and a morning on the gallops

Cilla Wills and Carol Bailey were also here to see their new KBRS horse  Zmiinyi

We had our vet in for his weekly Tuesday visit.

This weeks mover and shaker in the BHA handicap charts was Gerard Mentor who went down 3 to 99...

We have one runner today at Southwell.. Destroythevidence runs there and for my thoughts please click here.

Looking for an early Christmas Present or just a momento of your horse.. why not take a look at this web site..

The Racing Post are using some wonderful pictures to add to their stories.. Here is Jason Maguire on Harry Topper winning the Charlie Hall Chase 10 years ago..

The priest is teeing off at the first hole. The ball flies across the fairway towards the green, but lands meters from the hole.

“Oh God dammit, I missed.”

The nun scolds the priest.

“Father, you ought to be careful. You of all people should know that if you continue to blaspheme like that, surely the Lord will strike you down with lightning.”

At the green, again the priest takes his shot, but the ball rolls past the hole, coming to a stop just a few inches away from it.

“Oh God dammit, I missed again.”

Again, the Nun warns 

‘’Father, watch your language. Take the Lord’s name in vain again, and surely He will strike you down with lightning.”

The priest takes his putter and puts the ball towards the hole, in what should be in incredibly easy shot. Unfortunately, the ball skims the side of the hole and overshoots, coming to rest just next to it.

“Oh god dammit, how could I miss that!”, exclaims the priest.

Suddenly, there’s a huge thunder crash and bright flash of lightning, and the priest finds himself standing all alone on the golf course.

And then a voice booms from above…

“Oh god dammit, I missed.”

The bits you did not see yesterday