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3rd January 2022

Plus 8 and dry when driving in.

Cheltenham on Saturday was very busy with well over 32 thousand folk enjoying a really good days racing. New Years day is their 5th busiest day.. the first four are obviously the 4 days of the Festival.

Sadly Newtide pulled up having broken a blood vessel. Something he did last year.. Not good news.

Down at Exeter Getaweapon was annoyingly second.. Well we were frustrated, but it probably saved trainer Jeremy Scott some blushes as he was first and third.. we split his horses and his fancied runner, which was favourite, was third..

Peter Kerr who runs all my Syndicates hates me having two runners in the same race in case the wrong one finishes in front of the other.. It did once with Knockanrawley and Silver Eagle some years ago at Towcester and the ramifications were huge!

I spent most of yesterday morning writing my monthly article for this weeks Horse and Hound....Being a Bank Holifday I will miss Maddie spell checking it!

We have no runners today.. We welcome a new member of staff.. Will Hodkinson's brother Luke. Luke has just finished his course at The National Racing College..

Jeffrey Bernard famously said that 'the one way to stop a runaway horse was to bet on it..

He also said.. 'What a pity people dont take as much trouble with their own breeding as intelligent racehorse owners do. But then I suppose it is bordering on fascim to think like that...'


I have stood in a bar in Lambourn and been offered, in the space of five minutes, a poached salmon, a leg of a horse, a free trip to Chantilly, marriage, a large unsolicited loan, ten tips for a ten-horse race, two second-hand cars, a fight, and the copyright to a dying jockey's life story.

Happy birthday to Robert Bellamy..

Important to laugh..