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3rd February 2017

Plus 5 and dry when driving in.

My BBC weather app forecasted heavy rain by 6 am and so far the stars are shining brightly which will please those who are coming here later to see their horses.

Back to Towcester yesterday where the ground was predictably heavy.

Cascaye ran well  for a long way and looked very tired coming up the hill for the second time. But credit due where credit is due because she pulled out some reserves and battled on to finish 3rd.

This big girl is still growing and did well to do what she did.. She and Leigh Pollard won the Best turned out award..

Cascaye has a bright future when she has fully matured.. Matt Lambert her adoring owner noted my comments and started counting his pennies.. !

Good to see local Towcester legend Hugo Bevan. Good old Hugo was seen smiling away in the owners and trainers viewing and winners area in the stands. Alastair Down who was also on the course was a recipient of Hugo’s charms.

Home via John and Penny Perriss… for a cup of tea..

Nikki Heath and Les Garside-Beattie were here second lot this morning to see their horse Billy Elliott. Marion Hudson and Charlie Dale were here to see Marion’s and her husband Mark's KBRP horses Un Ace and Milord and the Wow Partnerships Bandon Roc. Darren Smith and Jeremy Dicker were also here to see Darrens  KBRP horse Monrocco .. All had breakfast after watching their horses canter up the gallops.

With Chepstow abandoned due to a waterlogged course we have no runners today.

Leighs racing blog..

''I have not always been that complimentary about Towcester racecourse but yesterday was a much nicer experience.  (I did only have one horse which always makes everything easier)

The first thing I noticed was that the power in the washdown hoses seemed better and that the water was warm. I wondered if this was because I was the only one using them at the beginning of the day, but after the race the pressure was still up even with all four hoses being used.  I was able to wash the mud off my horse quickly and easily.

I didn't sit down to eat in the canteen but I went in after my horse had run and was able to get a sausage bap and chips to take away, it even came on a smart disposable plate! I have had problems before at Towcester with getting food to take away but they seemed much more efficient and on the ball yesterday. Thank you to the manager who was very nice and brought my food quickly.

A much more enjoyable and less stressful experience than I have had at Towcester before and I now look forward to the next visit.''

Jeff Cole sent this one over.

A fellow follows two workmen along the road, one is digging a hole whilst the other follows up and fills it in. After watching this for a while, he asks why they are doing this. 'Well its loike dis, dares normally tree of us, but Feargal who plants the trees is off sick today'.

To finish.. Happy birthday to Simon Gilmore.. 60 today.. Simon is one of the point to point worlds finest. Always smiling and happy.. Have a great day Simon and enjoy your celebrations.