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6th April 2019

Plus 6 and dry when waking in Liverpool.

Great racing yesterday. Soft and tiring ground, but still that did not stop those tottering gently home in their flip flops to save their shoes.. Yes Ladies day at Aintree is a must do days racing before you die!

We lunched with the Chairman/Chairwoman Rose Paterson. Always a treat.

Always a fun couple of days starying away..An excuse to play and enjoy the surroundings. We have stayed at Hope Street Hotel for at least 9 years, but sadly this year they really did let us down. Shocking service and our room was not touched or cleaned.. Words spoken!!

Home late morning and although we have one runner at Chepstow I will be watching the Randox Health Grand National on the TV for the first time in 16 years..

Talking our one runner.. Pond Road runs at Chepstow today and Newtide tomorrow at Ffos Las and for my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Enjoy the National. I hope for all horses to come home safely and there is a worthy winner.. There always is and there is usually a good story behind it.. Tiger Roll for me.

A lorry driver pulled over for a break and struck up a conversation with a very attractive lady.

They became very passionate and there being no where to be private they climbed under the lorry.

A few minutes later a Policeman tapped the man on the shoulder and enquired what his was doing.

Fixing the clutch he replied, the Policeman then offered words of advice that he should also fix the brakes as his lorry was half way down the hill !!

Cat for adoption

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday...