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4th June 2022

Plus 10 and dry when driving in.. It looks like the good old British weather will test us today.

Supper last night celebrating JRK's birthday. It is a weekend of celebrations!

Clare and I called in to see Patricia Ruck Keene on the way to supper with her son Jonathan.. Patricia, who is well into her 101st year was in amazing form.. Remarkable Lady, just like the one we are all celebrating.

Supper last night with Johnny and Laura RK included some old mates... Patrick and Sarah Bailey, Patrick and Fudge Ramsay, Mikey and Ginny Elliot, Barry and Pippa Green and Paul and Koo Webber..

Seconds don't come much more annoying than in yesterdays Oaks.. Gosden and Dettori must feel unlucky!! O'Brien probably not so..A record number of Classics for him

Cricket.. New Zealand have a definite advantage, although some help might come Englands way with the moderate weather forecast...

Nick Cook and Graham Loyd called in late morning to see their new KBRS horse, the yet unnamed Telescope out of Jennifer Eccles..

We have one runner today at Worcester.. Shantou Express heads there and for my thoughts please click here.

When you have finished watching Worcester you can flip over the Epsom to watch this years running of the Cazoo Derby in memory of Lester Piggott. I hope Richard Kingscote has a trouble free ride on Desert Crown..

Being typically BRITISH:

Being sure to start touching your bag 15 minutes before your station, so the person in the aisle seat is fully prepared for your exit

Repeatedly pressing the door button on the train before it’s illuminated, to assure your fellow commuters you have the situation in hand

Having someone sit next to you on the train, meaning you’ll have to eat your crisps at home

The huge sense of relief after your perfectly valid train ticket is accepted by the inspector

The horror of someone you only half know saying: “Oh I’m getting that train too”

“Sorry, is anyone sitting here?” – Translation: Unless this is a person who looks remarkably like a bag, I suggest you move it

Have a great weekend..Enjoy the Celebrations..I will be in Ireland on Monday..Goffs Landrover sales..

Happy birthday to Bob Champion..