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3rd July 2023

Plus 12 and dry when driving in.

That was a very long weekend..

I have been a member (playing) of Lord’s since 1973 and never in all my years of watching this wonderful game at the home of cricket have I witnessed a days cricket like yesterday.

Never have I heard noise like it and the atmosphere was just electric. Stokes was magnificent trying to win the game, but the whole complex of the day changed when Bairstow was stumped.. Not how we play cricket old boy!!..

Sorry but in the laws of cricket he was out.. just being dozy.. But the whole ground erupted with boos and the rest of the game became the nearest to a football match.. Fights in the Long room was what we heard on the grapevine after tea.. I could go on for many more lines on what we saw, but what a day to be at Lord’s.

Those who were lucky enough to be there will never forget July 2nd..2023... Michael Wills and I certainly will not...Three members had their membership suspended.. It takes years to become a member and seconds to be removed.. Heat of the moment stuff..

The next three Tests will be far from friendly and bouncers will be hurled down the pitch.. a new bodyline series.

Martin F-G emailed to ask.. 'Would Captain Oliver Sherwood, in a needle match between Lambourn and Newmarket, call William Haggas back if Lambourn's wicket keeper did what happened at Lord's yesterday?.. We both said No.. because we might have beaten Newmarket without their best player..and frankly we would do anything to beat Newmarket!!

Monday morning and some of the larger horses are coming back in from grass.. Holidays over and many of our staff back from theirs.

Wimbledon starts today..