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4th August 2020

Plus 6 and dry when driving in.

Yesterday John and Penny Perriss enjoyed lunch outside with Jason and Lauren Maguire after seeing Hollymount Holly. HH has been excercising on Jason’s water treadmill. HH returns to Thorndale today

Jason proudly told us that he had produced the carrot cake..Is he a boulanger at heart?

David Bass refreshed from his lengthy and exotic holiday in St Ives was in this morning to ride out.. We jumped a couple on the all weather..

Lee Mackenzie and Hannah Hawkins were here third lot to see the CSWS horse Hes No Trouble

Norman Carter was here to see his mare Diamond Gait and his KBRP horse Voyburg.

I then went over to Martin Jones to see how my three new horses were progressing under Martin's tutorage

This week movers and shakers the BHA handicap charts were..Arthurs Sixpence up 4 to 110, Fubar up 1 to 109, Cresswell Legend down 2 to 130 and Illuminated Beauty down 4 to 110.

We have three runners tonight at Southwell. Thibault, Owbeg and Sadlermor and for my thoughts please click here.

Good news for a change.. ITV have agreed a contract to continue covering our sport for another 3 years.. It would have been the last straw to have lost them as we as a sport so need terrestrial TV and the team on ITV racing have excelled during this very difficult summer.

On a sad note our puppy Gil'Bert picked up a very nasty infection while in the Borders last week and after two visits to the vets (after Hours) he was thought to have puppy strangles...

Now home and with no improvement he went off to the vets to be checked out again.. It is not what they though, but it is either a snake bite or a very bad infection, from god knows what.

Gil'Bert' could hardly breath with a huge absess on the left hand side of his face..anyway yesterday he had an operation to draw all the poison out and he is now home feeling very sorry for himself..

He is struggling to walk through doors as he has one of those awful plastic collars that stops him from scratching wrapped around his neck....He should be fine all being well..time heals?

Todays non virus video nasty