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5th August 2020

Plus 14 and dry when driving in.

Martin Jones yesterday.. Martin has my yongsters I bought at Goffs Doncaster Sales last week, Elizabeth Kellar's and John Perriss's youngsters and Sandra Steer Fowlers Miss Gemstone for pre training..

Norman Carter joined me on my trip to see Martin Jones.

The good news is that Norman so liked the Sageburg gelding that he has bought him.. A celebratory lunch followed.. Thanks to Rishi Sunak it was very good value..

My first visit to a pub or restaurant since March, when Clare and I celebrated the removal of her neck brace...

That was the good news of the day.. The second half of the day was not so good as my runners at Southwell certainly did not help my humour.

Thibault was going along beautifully and then he forgot to put his landing gear down, lost his footing and unshipped his jockey David Bass.. David had no chance, but the race was gone..

Owbeg is just backward and needs to learn.. he will.. and as for Sadlermor, well words could not describe how annoyed I was with his performance.. guts and less came to mind..

Today is a new day and it being a Wednesday, and therefore a work one too. A few more horses moving forward and videos will appear here later - First Lot, Second Lot, Third Lot

Good to hear John Webber on Talkradio early this morning..

David Bass, Ciaran Gething and Chester Williams were all in to ride out

Good to see Peter and Olive Smith here third lot.. they were here to see their KBRP horse Shantou Express perform up the gallops

We have one runner later today at Newton Abbot. Dansant Express heads there and for my thoughts on his chances please click here.

Gil’Bert’ is feeling better today.. A big thank you for all the messages..Pain relieving pills helping and he is much brighter.. his photo on the right was similar to how I felt after Southwell last night!

Ireland beat England in the third ODI last night .. Some performance from them.

First Test against Pakistan today at Old Trafford..

Kerry Bellamy.. I forgot to mention your birthday yesterday.. Sorry.. Happy birthday for yesterday Kerry.

Whoops, No Present

Forget about the past, you can’t change it.

Forget about the future, you can’t predict it.

Forget about the present, I didn’t get you one........sorry

...and she was my PA for nearly 11 years..Now..

I voice my concern about targeted advertising.

“Half the spam emails I receive offer me pills to stop me snoring so that I can give my wife ‘a good night’s sleep at last’'.

“The other half offer me pills to rejuvenate my sex life which will enable me to keep my wife ‘awake all night’.”

Mrs B wishes the algorithm would make up its mind.

Todays non virus video nasty