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3rd August 2022

Plus 19 and muggy when driving in, is there a decent amount of rain coming....?

Maddie on the blog today, the usual tell tale sign of a late blog, it's always me!

Visitors in the yard this morning, Peter Kerr has returned, a sign that the season is back up and running

John and Mandy Battershall were here early (well before me!) to see their new syndicate horse Telescope x Jennifer Eccles

Phil Case was also here to see his string of KBRS horses Let's go Amigo, Parc d'Amour, Percy Veering and Fair Frontieres. He also brought along his artist who has drawn pictures of his other syndicate horses, this time it's Let's Go Amigo's turn to be illustrated. 

Plenty of great reviews of Leigh's blog yesterday.

Ajero put a great performance to win at Glorious Goodwood but yesterday the handicapper put him up seven to 98 for the privilege and Shinobi was reduced by five to 93

Plenty to be getting on with in the office but hopefully I will get a chance to take some pictures for here later on.