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5th April 2018

Plus 2 and not a cloud in the sky when driving in.

What a change from last night when it p....d down with rain during evening stables.

'Evening stables'.. That is the time from 3.30 to 5.30 when the team here muck out and brush over their horses. During that time Mat and I look at all the horses, feel their legs and look at their general well being.. 5.30 the horses are fed their supper.. Nuts..

Thursday and an easy day. Our fields are waterlogged in places and the mud is a pain in the neck.

We have our local point to point this coming Sunday. Andoversford Races as it is now called..

I drove passed the course last night and I could see the marquee people were being towed on and off the course; but the good news is that local trainer, and steward at the meeting, Jim Wilson walked the course yesterday with Jon Trice Rolf the BHA point to point course inspector and have given the go ahead for the meeting to race.

It will be soft ground and I assume there will be a huge number of runners as most of the other meetings have been washed away.

Not that long ago the ground was so fast that I was paying trainers to run their horses at the meeting to stop walk overs!!

The Grand National media hype has kicked in and this time they are focusing on Guy Disney and Gallery Exhibition.. Not easy for him, but you can see why this story is going to run.

Several trainers are in trouble for using their ability to self certificate their horses as non runners..

The cut off number or threshold is 14% and above that you forfeit the ability to self cert.. Now for them they have to show a vet that there is a problem with their horse for it not to run.. Has this system been abused.. Probably…The naughty ones are on this list..

I see TNDGB's name makes an appearance.. too many late nights me thinks!

Bill was a bit embarrassed and told the doctor he had trouble getting an erection with his wife and she was getting frustrated.

The doc checked the man's blood pressure and other vitals. Then after a thorough examination the doctor said he wanted to check with Bill’s wife.

He took her to another cubicle and asked her to disrobe. Then he told her to turn all the way around slowly.

She did as instructed. He then told her to raise her arms above her head, then bend over, touch her toes and cough.

Finally he said, "Ok, good. You can get dressed now, and I will go talk to your husband".

The doctor went back to the other cubicle and said to the husband, "Well Bill, you can relax, there is nothing wrong with you. I couldn't get an erection either.

Back to Gallery Exhibition.. Richard Wilkins is our new owner of the month..